Top 5 Mistakes Adsense Publishers Make

You will hear from many successful internet marketers that Google Adsense is an excellent program for generating revenue for your website with little effort and maintenance.  Profiting from Google Adsense can be easy if you know and comply fully with Adsense terms of service, and avoid common Adsense website mishaps and problems. Here are the top 5 Adsense mistakes made by web publishers:

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1. Knowledge of Adsense Terms of Service

Knowledge of Adsense terms of service is where many new to publishing and advertising on the Internet make their first serious Adsense mistakes so we have rated it as number 1 in our list of the top 5 mistakes Adsense Publishers make.

Many apply and have AdSense ads on their sites without actually reading the terms of service refer to it as TOS. Unfortunately, this lack of understanding can lead to termination. Once you are banned from Google AdSense, you will have a difficult time trying to get reinstated. Google consistently changes their policies and they are harsh as well as greedy. Lack of knowledge is no excuse. If they deem your site is in disarray or displays negligence of proper maintenance such as broken links, they may issue warnings or shut you down.

Therefore, of all the rules and policies on the Internet, Adsense TOS is probably one of the most important to stay current on. It is important to note that AdSense terms and conditions may vary as to your Country and billing address. Be knowledgeable and change your sites as required to ensure you are in compliance to maintain Adsense membership and income potential.

2. Solicit Clicks

Another one of the terrible sins under AdSense mistakes is for you to click on one of the ads placed on your site. As well, you cannot promote or solicit clicks from others, use automated tools or software designed to click on ads. Fraudulent clicks are strictly prohibited. Do not enlist your sites on traffic exchange or auto-surf programs. Google investigates clicks and those suspicious can result in no money and a lifetime ban.

Occasionally, someone may illegally click your ads to get you banned. Report immediately and consider temporarily disabling the Adsense ads until Google has researched the AdSense problems and you have been cleared of any negligence. If you must check the ads appearing on your site, use the Google Preview Tool. Using click tracking software is highly recommended as a good marketing tool such as testing ad placement and to follow where clicks are originating.

3. Change the Adsense Code

You do have options with optimizing and customizing your Adsense ads. Many feel that the placement of Adsense ads is critical to success. Color must complement your web page so pay attention to detail such as the color of the background, borders, and text. You also must adhere to the number of Adsense ads you can place on your site. However, you can never make any changes to the actual ad or the code which Google has provided.

This is absolutely forbidden and another violation of the TOS. Your website is only hosting the ad from another advertiser with the hopes that they, Google and you will make money from visitors to your site who click on the particular ad.

4. Multiple Google Adsense Accounts

Only one Adsense account per individual or business entity is allowed. If you are caught with more, you will be banned and not just on the one account but all accounts. That is a huge loss of potential revenue, thus not worth the effort of trying to outsmart Google. You can have as many websites as you want under the one account. While you apply with a primary website, you are not restricted to adding more non-related websites later.

Google Adsense accounts are not transferable, assignable or resalable.

5. Placing Ads on Content and Other Web Pages

Here is another common mistake that many Adsense publishers make. They do not truly understand what a content page is, what can be displayed on this page or how it can be displayed. Google does not accept about me websites, disorganized sites such as those with broken links, or sites which do not have enough original content. Content pages should contain “keywords” related to the theme of your website.

These keywords are what will drive visitors to your site, read your information and interest the visitor in clicking on one of the related Adsense ads. This content should be unique and original, on topic with the theme of your site. It cannot be stolen, copied from another unless of course with permission. Copyright laws must be obeyed which includes images, videos, and graphics. Content pages are not welcome or thank you pages, login registrations, gateways, emails, or pop-ups. If in doubt, do not put the Adsense code on the page.

As well, you cannot place your images next to ads which could mislead or confuse visitors or block the visibility of the Adsense ads with pop-ups for example. Lastly, you cannot have content that is of pornographic nature, hate-related, violent or illegal activity.

Your content pages may be designed for the primary source to generate Adsense income, or you may have another purpose but also want the earning potential of a passive income from Adsense, however, to succeed, you must have interesting, original and “keyword” rich content that will attract and engage the visitor. You want this visitor to stay and click on those ads which will eventually lead to Google sharing the wealth and mailing you funds. And if you should get yourself banned due to violations of Adsense terms and conditions, do not despair. There are alternatives to Google Adsense which can also generate income for your sites.

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  1. Ronnie


    Well, Google Adsense is a big big source of income for us, but with lack of knowledge, it is just a waste of time. As, in my past I lost my first account due to invalid activity and that was my biggest mistake.

    But after that mistake, I learn a lot reading number of tips online and now, I got my new adsense account and I am making some money with it and I hope it will increase with time.

    Btw, Great Post! Will help many.


  2. Mujeeb

    hi! Please can you tell me how to solve templated page error. This ia the error im getting any time I want toapply for adsense on my blog. Thanks

    • MonetizeMore

      You’ll get this error if you are copying a lot of data or layouts from another site, or effectively using them as a template. Keep working on unique, individual and useful content for your site, and hopefully you’ll be able to achieve AdSense approval in the future.

  3. Roku

    i reactivated my adsense after 2 weeks after bann.

    • MonetizeMore

      That’s great to hear, can you elaborate on the circumstances and how you were able to reactivate the account, for the benefit of others who may be in the same situation?

  4. nisha jaiswal

    I am not getting Google AdSense approval…Why?
    They are saying that there is a content violation policy..but I am unable to under the issue

    Please help me
    My site’s name is

  5. Scott Johnson

    Nicely organized and easily understand explanation. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Sajid

    What is OR-BAIH-01 error which occur while adding payment method in AdSense ? So many people are facing this issue for someone it gets fixed within 48 hours but for someone keeps waiting ?

    • MonetizeMore

      This looks like an issue in your account settings that seems to need Google to resolve. You’ll need to submit a support request, and explain the error clearly.


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