Publisher Predictions: How to stay relevant as a publisher in 2024?

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Last updated: February 28, 2024 | by Aleesha Jacob

This post was most recently updated on February 28th, 2024

“If you are a publisher, you have to stay relevant. It’s not enough just to publish the best content because there are other publishers who will do that too. Your publishing house needs to be different and innovative in order for people to remember it.”

-Brian Ferneyhough

The digital publishing industry is expected to grow by 10% in 2024, which is faster compared to any other growth rate in the ad-tech industry.

Few predictions have already been made that publishers will spend more money on producing more quality content with less emphasis on quantity.

A look back

It’s no surprise that massive changes in consumer behavior molded last year.

As countries kept going in and out of lockdowns, the quantity of digital content people viewed online increased tremendously and will only shoot up.

Their interests began with health, news, and pets and slowly evolved to lifestyle, arts, and sports.

Now, the new online trend is educational content & self-improvement. As a publisher, it is a must to understand your audience’s interests in hopes of turning them into future prospects.

Ad inventory or ad space prices and quality their quality have also transformed over the past 1.5 years and seem to be stabilizing now. Mashing this up with more engaged users online will be a win-win situation for both publishers and advertisers.

Also, keep track of your cost-benefit ratio to estimate how your content media focus is working out.

Post that, you can tweak your targeting for your programmatic campaigns. 2024 will be the year for publishers to focus on the strategies shared below.

Here are the top three publisher predictions:

1. The importance of display

Publisher Predictions: How to stay relevant as a publisher in 2024? MonitizeMore


Online display campaigns aren’t going anywhere: A lot of companies are already employing this method, which is why it’s so popular.

The online display was among the top three programmatic channels when it comes to ad spending for more than 60% of media planners across the world.

It is still a vital medium for currently employed media buying tactics. We also see that the vast majority of your advertisers will be looking to boost their display ad spending.

2. Personified advertising: a new class of technology

User-centric decisioning that prioritizes mainly user-IDs in media buying, will be extinct shortly. The pool of available individual IDs is set to shrink as data privacy laws tighten.

The ad-tech industry is rushing out solutions based on context and semantic data, but they lack audience intelligence to deal with the problems caused by a shrinking pool of consumers.

Some businesses, on the other hand, have continued to use IDs and cookies in an outdated manner to help them accomplish personalization.

In 2024, publishers will need a new generation of technology that can fulfill the demands of their stakeholders while yet protecting user privacy.

Personified advertising, which uses audience interest data to qualify impressions rather than personal data to qualify users, is one of the most long-lasting solutions for publishers to overcome this challenge.

3. Beyond cookieless

Cookieless is here to stay—even though it was a bit postponed.

This is excellent news because it gives us more time to examine alternatives and locate partners who can make the shift super smooth.

Some cookieless techniques may outperform cookie-based ones in preliminary tests, which might be the time to gain a leg up on the competition.

As the programmatic industry prepares for this year, there are numerous possibilities in both traditional programmatic channels like video, audio, online display, etc as well as emerging ones such as CTV and DOOH (digital out-of-home).

It’s now or never to consider the obstacles you’re facing and use media solutions that are tailored to your needs.

Adopting cookie-less technology and enforcing privacy laws


Publisher Predictions: How to stay relevant as a publisher in 2024? MonitizeMore


Publishers now have no choice but to embrace new technologies and move away from traditional models.

The growing adoption of more stringent privacy regulations will pressure publishers to use more limited data about their users.

The world of publishing is changing, and it’s likely to get even more competitive. Along with CCPA and GDPR, publishers must deal with new privacy regulations from other nations.

The use of personal data by Facebook has recently come under scrutiny, and it’s become a sensitive issue for publishers to keep up with the curve.

The entire programmatic sector is scrambling for new answers, with data and privacy concerns forcing the industry to seek alternatives. Ad tech specialists are primarily concerned with data and privacy matters.

Despite the fact that Google, IAB, and other ad tech experts are developing unified solutions to serve the stakeholders involved, most schemes will continue to be tested on a case-by-case basis.

With a cookieless future on the horizon, demand for a coherent solution for advertising technology is expanding.

These days, mobile ad formats are all the rage. The expansion of ad formats and advertising innovation in omnichannel, rich media, and cross-device advertising are all relevant topics.

Publishers should be prepared to utilize DOOH (digital out of home), audio programmatic advertising, & other interactive ad units that will be available to DSPs.

The significance of publishers’ value will now be tied almost entirely to privacy policies and open transparency. Users demand all the data on how their data is collected and used.

In the world of ad-tech, leading innovators are paving the path forward, including Google, Freewheel, LiveRamp, and Epom among others. After all, the future of ad tech isn’t as dark as everyone thought.

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UX Trends: Mobile-First Design

Websites and apps are increasingly being created with mobile device compatibility in mind.

The ability for a website or app to function smoothly on a computer is no longer enough; it must also be fun, feature-rich, fast, and mobile-friendly.

With more individuals using their mobile phones as their main device, the design concept of applications and even websites are created based on mobile device interface, functionalities, and limitations first.

Previously, sites & apps were designed in terms of how aesthetically pleasing it looked in desktop mode only. Things are different now.

The Dark Theme Hype

Publisher Predictions: How to stay relevant as a publisher in 2024? MonitizeMore


The dark theme option would appear to be a fad sweeping across social media platforms and other internet sites.

The darker the theme, however, the more it is about appearance. The UI design may be striking, but there’s more to dark themes than that. A dark interface is said to be less straining on the eyes according to Microsoft.

Dark themes also help save battery life on your phone or laptop (OLED display ones especially. However, when it comes to people, dark mode is more of a choice than a need; and it’s always nice to have this option.

Our advice for publishers: which areas or tools should they focus on?


Publisher Predictions: How to stay relevant as a publisher in 2024? MonitizeMore


Since the majority of consumers are glued to their mobile screens most of the time, website design and UI/UX (along with site speed scores) should be developed with mobile platforms in mind.

In particular, understanding how to best monetize inventory, such as paid subscription plans and personalized content for customers, is critical.

For publishers, it all starts with content quality and quantity. Your content is your brand identity! Back up and think about how you might improve the quality of your content as a whole.

It’s critical to provide a lightning-fast mobile web experience, and it may make or break your ad inventory deals in the coming months. Finally, publishers must acknowledge first-party data as a competitive edge over others.

You’ll come out on top if you can organize and leverage your first-party data in a way that no one else can, while also ensuring compliance. Publishers are more likely to choose a one-stop shop that includes all services from an all-in-one provider like MonetizeMore.

Wrap Up

In the past, publishers had more power. They could charge advertisers for premium inventory and often didn’t have to disclose how they used data from their users.

Creating quality content is no longer about sending out the same message to everyone.

Direct campaigns will be used by brands again in a tighter relationship with publishers, using their first-party data to do personalized campaigns regionally as well as nationally.

MonetizeMore has seen this shift as well. With privacy laws, cookies, and targeted ads all seeming to be unreliable sources for publishers in the digital age, contextual targeting is a viable alternative.

It is time publishers start thinking about contextual targeting instead of relying on private user data. This kind of targeting essentially gives publishers a way to respect the privacy of the user by not intruding with ads when it’s not necessary or appropriate for them to do so.

This means less wasted money and happier consumers who will return again and again!

We at MonetizeMore believe one of our most important roles for 2024 is to help publishers gather, package, and exchange data in a sustainable, and brand-safe environment.

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