Professor Prebid Header bidding tool: Gamechanger or Flop?

Professor Prebid Header bidding tool: Gamechanger or Flop?

Header bidding is all the rage in the publishing world right now. Everyone is trying to get in on the action to increase their ad revenue. Prebid has come out with a new header bidding extension for Chrome that is supposed to make things easier for publishers. According to them, this extension offers “a simpler setup process and improved performance over the traditional approach.” But does it really live up to the hype? Let’s take a closer look.

What is Professor Prebid?

With Professor Prebid, you can easily debug and troubleshoot on publisher sites using Prebid.js. This tool was created by the Tools Product Management Committee, a group of cross-functional publishers and ad tech partners committed to actively solving issues for Prebid members.

The experts at designed the newly released open-source Chrome browser extension in order to streamline header bidding management.

Publishers can easily control and manage multiple bidding scenarios via Prebid.js by leveraging Professor Prebid. Following feedback from publishers, the advanced and detailed interface is built to provide all the insight they’ll need to auction milestones and easily troubleshoot configurations in a matter of seconds.

Publishers can benefit from Professor Prebid’s intuitive interface, which detects when Prebid.js is deployed on a page and offers a tonne of features, including the following:

  • Prof. Prebid lets you enable Prebid Debug data on console view, set up manual bid filters, or do CPM overrides so that publishers can split test various bidding scenarios
  • Identify all of the available ad units as well as the banner sizes and the bidders participating in Prebid
  • Take a closer look at the bids, including bid value, response time, bid currency, & ad server-targeting keywords.
  • Get the complete timeline of the auction’s core milestones.
  • Review the main Prebid modules and their settings (User ID modules, price granularity, bidder settings, CMP, Prebid Server).


Download the Professor Prebid Chrome extension here:

Once it’s downloaded, you can pin it to get one-click access.


Once you’ve downloaded the chrome extension, Prof. prebid instantly detects if your website has one or more Prebid instances. If an instance is detected, the tool’s icon will display a badge resembling the Prebid’s logo.


Tap the icon to proceed with interaction.

Professor Prebid Features:

Ad Units


The default view allows you to easily see all the ad unit codes available to Prebid including the associated media types & bidders. Bidder entry shows the associated input & bid response. They are all clickable and can be copied to clipboard.


In addition, you can see who is the winning bidder and whether its ad has been rendered.



With the Bids screen, you can view and compare all bids placed using Prebid.js, as well as their metadata, including:

  • Bid value and bid currency
  • Response time
  • Adserver Targeting keywords



Timeline view shows you auction timestamps & milestones:

  • Auction start & end timestamp
  • Bidder response time & timestamp
  • Bidder’s calling sequence & timeout threshold

Professor Prebid displays different timeline views based on the auction id. It’s displayed as ‘key’ in this case. Publishers can experience this if their auto-refresh option is turned on or if each ad unit is handled independently.

pgu cta



The config screen shows the main modules’ configuration:

  • Price Granularity: low-high, auto/dense/custom
  • Bidder Settings, timeout buffer, calling order
  • Prebid Server: account id, # bidders
  • Consent Management: TCF/CCPA/USP compliance frameworks, GDPR, CmpAPI
  • User Id modules

User ID


The following view displays the configuration and the outcome of the different id providers that are found here.



This tab gives you advanced troubleshooting tools:

  • Shortcut to Google AdManager Console
  • Activate Prebid Debug Data
  • Bid Filtering: Allow/Block bidders
  • Bid CPM override
  • Show Ad Unit Info Overlay: Displays the winner’s information over the creative on the page

Overall Rating

So, there you have it. Prebid’s new Chrome Extension tool ‘Professor Prebid’ is definitely something to watch out for and we at MonetizeMore are excited about its potential. We’re giving it 4 stars for now but will update our rating as more information becomes available.

In the meantime, if you’re experiencing header bidding troubleshooting issues, be sure to download the Pubguru Ad Inspector which quickly analyzes any website’s ad setup & page load performance reports across your ad partners.

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