Optimize the Browsing Pages with Google Custom Ads (Step 4)

If you are a Google Preferred Publisher you are able to use the customizable Google javascript ads. This allows publishers to customize the ads to a higher degree. The benefit of this is you are able to integrate your ads even more, which is very useful for online classifieds.

Best practices have online classifieds implementing the Google Custom Ads in the internal search and the browsing pages of the classified. These ads are integrated into the top and bottom of the ad lists. It is recommended to implement the ads using the “AdSense for Search” code rather than “AdSense for Content”. We recommend placing 3 ads at the top of the ads and 3 ads at the bottom just above the ‘previous’ and ‘next’ buttons. To further integrate the ads, you should add a default no image attached photo with the ads. Remember, the main goal is to make the Google AdSense ads look like organic ads. Below is an example of highly integrated Google Custom Ads that yield very high RPM’s:

Kijiji just nails it with their Google Custom Ads. They label them “Sponsored Links” which integrates them even more. The ads are as integrated as can get. They are the same size, color, font style & size with the no image attached photo beside each one. This is the level of integration you should strive for your online classified

To learn more how MonetizeMore could boost your AdSense RPM’s via implementing Google Custom Ads, click here. If you are not a Google Preferred Publisher we could also help you gain access to Google Custom Ads.

For step 5 click here: Open Google Ads up to All Potential Ad Types

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  1. Erick Gomez

    Hi I have submited my form to google to request the “Custom Ads” but i havent receive any response do you know why is that and how long it will take?


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