Open bidding now allowing bid requests for Russia and China

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January 25, 2021 | by Kean Graham
Open bidding now allowing bid requests for Russia and China

Publishers with large amounts of traffic from China and Russia can now utilize open bidding to increase their ad revenue. Google announced earlier this month that publishers would be allowed to send bid requests for Russian and Chinese traffic to Open Bidding partners. Keep in mind that the feature is currently in beta.

Open bidding is Google’s alternative to header bidding. They use server to server connections via a unified auction to enable publishers to get the highest bid for their ad impressions.

Although this is a positive development for publishers, Google will remain strict on creatives used. No blank creatives will be allowed. All creatives will be reviewed according to country-specific policies as some Russian and Chinese ads have been known for malware and breaking policies.

Since this country-specific feature is still only in the beta version, demand partners using a custom mobile SDK won’t work at the moment. Only demand partners using the Google Mobile Ads SDK will serve ads to Russian and Chinese traffic via Open Bidding.

How to optimize your ad inventory for Russian and Chinese traffic?

#1 – Sign up or partner with as many Open Bidding demand sources as possible. Check out the Ad Network list here.

#2 – Switch to the Google Mobile Ads SDK. Using it not only allows Open Bidding for these two countries but also enables you to take advantage of Google Ad Exchange dynamic allocation.

#3 – Monitor reports making sure all partners are able to transact. Set the filter & dimension by Yield Partner. You may also add another filter for countries: Russia & China.

Open bidding now allowing bid requests for Russia and China MonitizeMore

#4 – Revisit your targeting setup inside Yield Groups. Remove any unnecessary restrictions to expand the reach and bring in more demand to all segments of the inventory if possible.

#5 – Prevent fraudulent attacks on the site by running a fraud detection and suppression tool, like Traffic Cop.

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