New Ad Control Filters to Help Publishers in Adsense Optimization

Adsense has paved the way for publishers to gain even more control over the ads showing on their sites. They have recently launched new ad control filters in the Ad Review Center.

1) Ability to block ads that look similar

There are ads that are designed differently but have similar landing pages, or they could be of the same product type or category. Google can also detect visually similar image ads. This would require uploading an image that will be used by the Ad Review Center. Currently, you can use the find related ads option in blocking similar ads.

Now with the enhanced ad control filters, you can now search for ads that look similar each time you run “related ads” on search. This filter would be efficient to allow publishers to easily narrow down the results and can quickly review and block the ads.

Impact on performance

If there is a certain advertiser or ad which is completely irrelevant to the site, it could result in poor CTR or no conversion. Now, publishers can block them and only show ads that are relevant. For instance, you want to either show/block all ads related to technology — this is easily done by using this filter. Publishers may also block ads that are pixelated or visually unpleasant.

2) Ability to filter ads by language

With this new filter, you can review your ads based on their language. If you’re running an international site, this comes handy as you can easily review all the ads on your site based on language that was shown in the last 30 days.

The drop-down offers Top Languages of ads that have shown with the corresponding percentage.

AdSense settings


Also, If there is a certain language that showed up and you decide to have it blocked, you can easily do so by using this filter.

Impact on performance

This is helpful especially for publishers targeting English-speaking audience only. If they see anything other than English ads, they can choose to block them which would definitely improve performance.

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