Important Google Ad Manager Features Every Publisher Needs To Master

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September 10, 2020 | by Kean Graham
Important Google Ad Manager Features Every Publisher Needs To Master

Over the years, Google Ad Manager (GAM) has become a popular ad server used by publishers. Its market share is so big that almost all types of websites, ranging from an amateur blogger site up to the largest digital news portal in the world, use GAM.

What is GAM, and why do you need it?

If you are a publisher and you are monetizing your site, the ultimate goal is to maximize your ad revenues, so every ad impression counts. GAM offers a centralized program for your ad inventory management that is capable of running ad campaigns from multiple demand sources such as direct advertisers, AdSense/Ad Exchange, ad networks, and even in-house campaigns if you want to promote your own product/brand.

The ultimate AdSense upgrade

While the presence of AdSense, arguably one of the oldest website monetization platforms available, is still strong up to this day, it provides minimal features for publishers to maximize ad revenue potential.

Some of the Key Limitations of AdSense are:

-The ad slots will only fire AdSense ads, and they are not capable of running other ad campaigns from other demand sources. This will result in a lack of competition that could bring the rates of the ad inventory higher.

-It has no access to high-paying premium advertisers, unlike GAM

-Tags are not compatible with Header Bidding

-Its dashboard features are not very diverse

Many publishers are still relying entirely on this platform. However, it’s not the ultimate. If you’re one of them, it’s time for an upgrade! We’re not saying that you don’t use AdSense. You need to use it together with Google Ad Manager to maximize ad revenue performance.

All-in-one solution

Primarily, GAM offers an all-in-one solution needed for your website monetization. It’s a fundamental factor in achieving your site’s ad revenue potential in the highest way possible. Its dashboard is so diverse that you can set up everything conveniently.

As a publisher, you will only need two things: (1) a website and (2) a GAM account, and you’re all set!

Features that every publisher needs to master

GAM is designed to provide you with an all-in-one solution for your website’s ad inventory. Below you’ll find all the essential features that publishers need to master:

  1. Account integration – This is a feature where you connect your GAM with your website/s, link AdSense/Ad Exchange accounts, and integrate other demand source platforms.
  2. Inventory control – Identify the different types of ad layouts for your inventory and create ad placements where ads will show.
  3. Setup and configuration – Create your ad campaigns ranging from standard banners, non-standard ads, video ads, etc.
  4. Campaign management – The area where you monitor your existing campaigns, configure the changes and forecast the future allocations.
  5. Ad optimization – Definitely the most important GAM feature. This is where you strategize and test various approaches to achieve the best optimal ad setup and look for opportunities to optimize your ad campaigns.
  6. Reporting – A scope where you can view and extract the performance of your existing campaigns and make a comprehensive revenue comparison at any given time frame.
  7. Troubleshooting – GAM can spot issues/errors with your existing setup and provide alternative solutions to correct them.

We’ve encountered countless publishers who were struggling to fully understand even the most basic features of Google Ad Manager. It may look simple, but, as I have mentioned earlier, its UI is so diverse with lots of nifty functionalities, and even the slightest error with your setup could destroy everything.

When you are clueless about how to use GAM to your advantage, chances are, you will lose your chance to maximize your profit from digital ads.

Want to master Google Ad Manager?

We’ve created a platform called PubGuru University, where we teach publishers how to master their ad revenue using the same techniques we use to optimize ad revenue for our publisher partners. With the School of Google Ad Manager course, you’ll get access to 30+ video lessons providing you with extensive over-the-shoulder training on how to use, integrate, and optimize your ad setup with Google Ad Manager.

You’ll learn how to:

-Master the fundamentals of Google Ad Manager and fully manage your ad inventory on your own

-Setup and structure your ad inventory efficiently

-Leverage protection and reporting in Google Ad Manager

-Maximize ad revenue the same ad optimization techniques & strategies used by MonetizeMore

What’s more, you’ll get exclusive access to our Ad Ops community, where you can collaborate with our in-house experts as well as your fellow publishers. This community will proactively assist you with your ad setup concerns and will help you achieve your desired optimization structure.

Upon completion of the course, you’ll also earn a certificate, which you can add to your credentials to your advantage.

Are you ready to master Google Ad Manager like the pros? Become an ad ops guru with PubGuru University! Get access to all our video courses (School Of AdSense, Ad Exchange & Google Ad Manager) for only $199!

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