When Does PubGuru Header Bidding Exclude Bidders?

Last updated: September 10, 2020 | by David Loschiavo

This post was most recently updated on September 10th, 2020

PubGuru Header Bidding is set up to intentionally turn off bidders under various circumstances. This is a list of when that happens. You can see more info on which scenario is excluding a bidder if you use the URL param m2debug=true

Null Bidder Exclusion

If a bidder does not bid on a single impression on a pageview, and continues this for multiple pageviews in a row, the bidder will temporarily be excluded from the auction for subsequent pageviews by that visitor.  The default number of pageviews is 2, but adops can modify that on a per config basis in the bidder section of the tools.m2 configurator.

We have been testing various timeouts for how long the demand source will be excluded from subsequent pageviews, and you can see timeouts as low as 10 minutes or as high as 30 minutes.

If a bidder is excluded from the auction for any other reason, they are not counted for this as having failed to bid on the visitor’s impressions.

You can disable this for debugging with the URL param null_bids_excluded=false

Geo Blacklisting

We’ve found that some bidders do not bid on traffic from certain countries.  For these demand sources, we exclude the bidder for 95%+ of traffic from those countries — this way, if the bidder does change their bidding behavior, we’ll be able to get a statistically significant view of it.

Publisher Disabled Bidders

We allow publishers to modify in the real-time page load whether someone will be excluded from the auction. The publisher just needs to pass in the bidder’s name in the API that we make available to the publisher before PubGuru Header Bidding loads. Usually, only the most advanced publishers use this.

Safe frames

Safe frames are used to shut down malvertising problems (mobile redirects, unauthorized popups/interstitials). However, some demand sources are not compatible with safe frames, so they are automatically disabled for the pageview if the config is set for safe frames. Currently, districtm, memeglobal, and Komoona do not support safe frames. Some demand sources have slightly increased discrepancies when running safe frames. As safe frames are the only technique 100% capable of stopping mobile redirects and unauthorized popups/interstitials, we are working with demand sources to improve safe frame support and reduce discrepancies related to safe frame usage.

Because of reduced demand source support for safe frames, Adops/publishers should only run safe frames on mobile where malvertising is extremely prominent.

Adops Debugging

Adops or the pub can disable any bidders in real time on a pageview by passing the URL param disabledBidders=bidder1,bidder2,bidder3

In-Banner Video (IBV)

Some publishers don’t want to run IBV at all, and some do not want to run it on social traffic. For PIDs which have been flagged as IBV, or for demand sources which are entirely IBV, adops may exclude the demand source entirely from the config. These won’t show up as disabled, but instead as not configured. Facebook is beginning to punish publishers for running IBV. We have PubGuru Header Bidding versions in testing that automatically disable IBV demand sources and IBV PIDs for pubs who have this turned on.

Multivariate Bidder Testing

At MonetizeMore, our strategy on including bidders is to include all bidders who (1) meet ad quality standards and (2) have a positive effect on page RPM. We measure individual demand source RPM by dropping out a bidder for a small percentage of traffic and comparing that against the full production list, as well as other multivariate combinations of bidders.

By default, this only happens on a small percentage of traffic. It can be disabled entirely by passing the URL param multivariateBidders=false

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