Google updates video features for Google Ad Manager 360

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February 2, 2021 | by Kean Graham
Google updates video features for Google Ad Manager 360

Google recently announced various product feature updates and changes to Google Ad Manager 360 video solutions. Here, we’ll take a closer look at these features and what they mean for publishers.

Video position targeting cleared when a line item type is changed

-Any video position targeting previously saved will now be cleared whenever the line item type is changed.

What are the pros or cons to publishers?

Not all the line items are used for post-roll or mid-roll positions by the publishers. So, when the type is changed, it’s important to clear out the position targeting so that the publishers/users can select the position or default it to pre-roll.

Find out more about video ad targeting and ad positions here:

Creative-level targeting isn’t allowed with bumper line items anymore

Bumpers usually appear before or after pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll video ad slots. Publishers use them to show users that they are going to show ads next in the video stream. Publishers can’t perform creative-level targeting on bumper line items anymore.

What are the pros or cons to publishers?

Since bumper line items usually serve on desktop environments and are treated as house ads, the multiple creative-level targeting would make it difficult for the users/publishers to understand the campaign setup.

Publishers need to confirm changes made to the live stream

Publishers are cautioned when making changes to a live stream via edits or changing settings. It can have adverse effects on traffic, result in errors or even break the stream for some viewers. For this reason, publishers now need to confirm changes made to live streams.

What are the pros or cons to publishers?

This small additional feature can help publishers think twice about making changes to live streams and prevent any unnecessary issues due to making changes.

When exporting line item data, CMS metadata can be included

When publishers want to export line item data to dive deeper into ad performance or troubleshoot any issues, they can now include CMS metadata. This helps to give a textual representation of key-values used with line item targeting.

What are the pros or cons to publishers?

This will help the publishers/users to differentiate or categorize the line items/campaigns related to specific video content or key metadata.

Find out more about exporting line item data in Google Ad Manager here:

Also, be sure to read about exploring video content with Google Ad Manager 360 here:


Google Ad Manager 360 has tons of specialize features for publishers focused on video. Would you like to find out if moving to Google Ad Manager 360 would be a good fit for you? MonetizeMore is a Google Certified Publisher Partner and can help publishers get set up with GAM 360. Contact our support team here for more information.

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