Does AdSense allow sticky ads

Does AdSense allow sticky ads

You might have noticed many websites using sticky ads in the sidebar or any fixed position on the page. If you’re running AdSense ads, you might have thought of doing the same. In this post, we’re going cover sticky ads with AdSense and answer the question, whether you’re allowed to use them or not.

What is a sticky ad?

A sticky ad is a fixed ad that stays visible on the page, regardless of the user scrolling through the content. To improve overall viewability and yield a high CPM rate, you can choose to implement ad units as sticky ads. Ad unit locations to consider using for sticky ads include the header, footer, left/right bar, left sidebar, and right sidebar.

sticky placements

Can we use sticky ads with AdSense?

No, unfortunately, AdSense policies do not allow sidebar (left or right) sticky ad implementation on websites. It isn’t advisable to run sticky ads as the AdSense team can disable the ads or your actions can trigger a policy violation warning. Instead, you can set anchor ads, which are ads anchored at the bottom of a mobile screen, via Auto ads settings in AdSense.

anchor ad example

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A few premium publishers are allowed to implement sticky ads through a separate beta program. However, Google hasn’t made any announcement yet on the availability of this feature to all the AdSense publishers. You can follow along with the discussion regarding the matter here.

Why aren’t sticky ads allowed in AdSense?

AdSense program policies don’t state the reasoning for the decision. We suspect that it’s likely due to publishers not being permitted to bring unnecessary or unnatural attention to their Google ads which can lead to accidental clicks. This is what Google says about the matter:

To ensure safe and positive user experience, we restrict the use of ad implementations on desktop which causes the ad to appear in a “sticky” or “floating” position on the page as the user scrolls or navigates through the page. While we allow Google anchor ads on mobile web, please note that publisher-created mobile implementations are not permitted as we cannot ensure they have the same quality protections we’ve built into our product.

Can we run a sticky ad adhering to policy?

If you’re allowed to run ads via Google AdManager (GAM) using Ad Exchange (AdX) then you can indeed implement sticky ads on your inventory. For Ad Exchange, publishers will need to declare sticky ads in their account, so buyers can choose whether or not to serve into sticky ad units. This option isn’t available in AdSense.

However, Publishers should adhere to the guidelines for implementing sticky ads in AdX. Whereas, in GAM, implementing a sticky ad is similar to running display ads, as there aren’t any additional settings required in the account.

Sticky ads and WordPress

Want an easy way to add sticky ads to your WordPress site? Don’t forget to check out the sticky ads feature on Advanced Ads here.


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  1. Tad

    is this article still valid? in the Google policies, there is actually nothing about sticky ads. friends even told me that Google allowed sticky ads in the last months, but I reaaly dont want to lose my AdSense account to try that.

    • MonetizeMore

      We wouldn’t recommend running sticky ads, except as described in the article.

  2. Saroj

    Please, let me know does Google Adsense allows footer sticky ads. I saw it on many websites. My website has a very low earnings from AdSense.

    • MonetizeMore

      Yes, on mobile you can use footer sticky or ‘anchor’ ads with Adsense.

    • Nelly

      Thank you! I will try sticky ads with Ads Inserter pro😏

  3. Phoebe

    Am a little confused about your explanation, I added footer sticky ad(320×100) to my blog using ad inserter pro, but I set it to display only on mobile, is the anchor type only the supported one? Will I get banned because I manually fixed the size and placed it?

    • MonetizeMore

      You can manually place this type of ad, not a problem.

  4. Imon Chowdhury

    Wow, but i saw many bloggers those are using sticky Ads on their website. I am confused on that.


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