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Last updated: September 15, 2021 | by Kean Graham
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This post was most recently updated on September 15th, 2021

In this day and age, website visitors don’t want ugly long blocks of text; they want visually appealing information. Image-based websites are growing in number and popularity with sites like Imgur, Pinterest, Giphy being excellent examples.

Here are a few ad optimizing tips for monetizing your image-based websites.

In-Image Ad Monetization

With this ad format, you can show the ad in the image as users browse through the content of your image website. In-image ads will add a revenue stream to your already existing website earnings.

You can customize settings and the frequency of these in-image ads according to your needs. As an example, an ad can show up when the user hovers over the image, or it can render from the start of the page load.

Similarly, ads can be displayed on the top, bottom, right, or left the side of the image. The best ad sizes for images on a desktop are 728×90, 970×90, 468×70 and 160×600. The best performing ad sizes for mobile images are 320×50 and 320×100.

Ad networks which perform best for in-image monetization include:

  • Kiosked
  • GumGum
  • Imonomy
  • Image Space Media

In-slide Ads

You can use in-slide ads if your website is using slides of images and users are allowed to move to the next or previous image. These ads can perform a lot better than standard IAB ads as they will have high visibility and return good CTR. Ad networks which perform better for in-slider ads are:

  • Netseer
  • Vibrant Media

Anchor Ads

Anchor ads should be a priority while monetizing any image website. These ads are called anchors because these stick to their position while the user scrolls through the content. These ads return the best CPMs as the viewability is highest compared to any standard header ad slot on your website.

Anchor ads can be sticky to the bottom of the site, or to the left or right side of the page. The best performing anchor ad sizes on the desktop are 728×90, 160×600 and 300×600, while on mobile 320×50, 320×100, 300×100 performs the best.

Ad networks which perform best for anchor ad monetization include:

  • GumGum
  • Imonomy
  • Positive Medias

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