Benefits Of Having a Dedicated Ad Optimizer

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Last updated: August 15, 2019 | by Kean Graham
dedicated ad optimizer benefits

This post was most recently updated on August 15th, 2019

Ad optimization is the process of optimizing the impact of a website’s ads and maximizing its revenue potential. Having a dedicated ad optimizer for each website is very important and essential to publisher success.

The benefits of using a dedicated Ad optimizer include:

Worry-free website ad management

As a publisher, you can have peace of mind knowing that someone is looking after your site’s ad inventories. It allows you to passively sit back and relax while waiting for your earnings to grow or focus your time on other important factors of your business.

Ads are monitored and ad quality maintained

Part of the responsibilities of ad optimizers is to ensure the quality of ads rendered on site. A regular monitoring of the creatives, placements, and ads presented is an essential process to determine bad ads that may harm the site and produce low-quality results.

Focus on site and content management

Ad Optimizers not only pay attention to the ads but also to the website itself. Part of their responsibility is to regularly check the web property’s layout and contents to make sure that it is compliant with policies of the Ad Network partners that the site has partnered with.

Ads get optimized to their potential optimum performance

Ad Optimizers not only monitor the quality of ads but also most importantly focus on the revenue the ads are generating. As an example, they may adjust the CPM rates and frequency caps of the ads depending on the real-time results the ads are producing. Thus there’s an assurance that the ads sent in auction win bids approximately equivalent to the rates that they pay.

ROI Monitoring

Ad optimizers plan, execute and evaluate ad performance. Part of an ad optimizer’s responsibility is also to monitor that revenue gained are paid and delivered to the publisher. It’s like having someone to keep track of all the income earned all in detailed reports. They communicate with different ad networks to send invoices and collect payments. They make sure that the site owner will have a return on their investment.

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