Has your AdSense application been pending for a long time? 3 Ways to Fix This

June 8, 2023 | by Aleesha Jacob
AdSense application been pending

You’ve put in the work, and now you’re finally ready to apply for an AdSense account, but for some reason, your application has been pending for a long time. No one likes being delayed, no matter what the reason! In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the issue and show you what to do about it.

Why your AdSense application might be pending

There are a few reasons why your AdSense application might not yet have been activated. Keep in mind the following.

AdSense ad code – Once you’ve signed up for an account, you need to add the AdSense ad code to your website. This is a critical step that you don’t want to miss. It will delay your acceptance into the AdSense ad network if you forget to do it. If you haven’t done it yet, check the instructions on how and where to add the code for verification. You should find it within the AdSense interface where you submitted the domain for approval (Sites tab).

You removed your site and resubmitted it – This can delay the process. AdSense could be running some checks, and it may take up to two weeks.

Insufficient content – AdSense requires websites to have substantial and original content to ensure a quality user experience. If your website has thin or low-quality content, it could lead to a pending application. Make sure your website provides valuable and unique content that aligns with Google’s content policies.

Violation of AdSense policies – AdSense has strict policies regarding prohibited content, such as adult material, copyrighted material, or illegal activities. If your website violates any of these policies, your application will likely be put on hold. Ensure your website adheres to all AdSense policies to avoid application delays. Keep up to date with all the violation policies with our free course here.

Poor website design and user experience –Google values user experience, so having a poorly designed website or a confusing layout can negatively impact your application. Ensure your website is visually appealing, easy to navigate, and optimized for mobile devices. It’s important to provide a positive user experience to increase the chances of AdSense approval.

Inadequate traffic or audience engagement –While AdSense doesn’t have strict traffic requirements, having a decent amount of organic traffic can strengthen your application. If your website lacks sufficient traffic or user engagement, it may take longer for your application to be reviewed. Focus on building organic traffic through SEO techniques, content marketing, and social media promotion to demonstrate your website’s potential.

Unresolved website issues –Technical issues on your website can also lead to a pending AdSense application. Ensure that your website is properly optimized, loads quickly, and doesn’t have any broken links or major issues. Regularly perform website audits and resolve any technical problems to improve your chances of approval.

Inadequate privacy policy and legal pages –AdSense requires websites to have essential legal pages, such as a privacy policy and terms of service. If your website lacks these pages or they are incomplete, it can delay the approval process. Create comprehensive and accurate legal pages to instill trust and credibility with AdSense reviewers.

Previous AdSense violations –If you have a history of violating AdSense policies or have had a previous account banned, it can significantly delay the application review process. AdSense reviewers will conduct a thorough check, and it may take more time to evaluate your website’s compliance.

Your site is unreachable – Check that you have the URL correctly spelled, it’s live on the web and can be accessed without requiring a password. Run robots.txt Tester to ensure the AdSense crawler is not blocked from accessing your site.

Other reasons – Google is not 100% clear about the processes they follow to accept new publishers into their ad network. It’s always best to ensure you comply with all their policies and already have decent website traffic. We recommend that you have 50+ pages of published unique content on your site and that it’s at least three months old before applying. This will help you get accepted into the ad network easily.

To ensure compliance, it’s crucial to thoroughly review Google’s AdSense policies and guidelines. Improving in these areas will increase your chances of a faster AdSense application review.

What can you do about the pending application?

Now you should better understand why your account might be pending. However, while you wait on AdSense, you can consider doing the following:

Prepare your site to increase your chances of getting approved – Do this without delay! If your content is gathered from somewhere else and just re-published, you’re most likely heading toward rejection. Even if you re-ordered the words, it’s still not considered original. Publish only unique content that brings value to your visitors – this is one sure way to get approved.

Sign up for different ad networks – AdSense remains one of the best ad networks, but there are many others you can use to monetize your traffic. We’ve compiled a list of the best AdSense alternatives here.

Get access to Google’s ad networks through MonetizeMore – Depending on your current traffic volumes, MonetizeMore can provide you access to Google’s Ad Exchange. Google Ad Exchange is the premium version of AdSense. It includes Google AdSense demand and premium advertisers from Google Ad Exchange. Find out more about signing up for Google Ad Exchange here.

Still not sure what to do?

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