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Last updated: March 28, 2023 | by Aleesha Jacob

This post was most recently updated on March 28th, 2023

What is an AdOps Grader?

The AdOps Grader is a free site audit for publishers looking to optimize their ad inventory performance. With its accessible and user-friendly interface, this tool makes it easy for publishers to assess and understand their ad inventory performance. Whether you’re an adtech expert or not, the AdOps Grader empowers you to gain insight into what factors impact your results and make data-driven decisions to improve your overall performance.

How the AdOps Grader Works?


Ad Server Setup:

An ad server setup score can be used to assess the overall performance of ad units, including metrics such as ad delivery, ad fill rate, and click-through rate (CTR). The score can also consider other factors such as ad targeting, ad placement, and ad optimization.

Policy Violations:

One important aspect to consider when evaluating your ad unit’s performance is whether or not it is in compliance with Google’s advertising policies. Policy violations can lead to a variety of consequences for publishers, including bans, revenue clawbacks, and other penalties. Checks for policy violations are an important part of assessing your site’s overall performance. By monitoring for compliance with Google’s policies, publishers can ensure that their ad inventory is not in violation of any rules and avoid potential penalties.

Header Bidding Setup:

By conducting a detailed header bidding setup analysis, publishers can gain valuable insights into the performance of their ad inventory and identify areas for improvement, which can help them achieve maximum ad revenue. This can involve making adjustments to demand sources, ad tags, or ad formats, or optimizing the entire setup.


A good header bidding setup analysis will include several key components:

  • Evaluating the number and types of demand sources being used, to ensure that a diverse set of advertisers is bidding on inventory.
  • Assessing the latency of the header bidding process, to ensure that it is fast enough to capture real-time bid prices.
  • Identifying any issues with ad tag implementation, such as incorrect placement or missing parameters, that can affect ad delivery.
  • Analyzing performance metrics of demand partners to prioritize which partners should be kept and which one should be removed.
  • Identifying which ad formats are doing well with header bidding and which one is not.

The AdOps Grader is the perfect solution for:


AdSense and Google Ad Manager users looking to 10X their revenue:


The AdOps Grader can provide users with a detailed analysis of their ad inventory and help identify areas of improvement, such as underperforming ad units or ad placements. By leveraging the Grader’s advanced analytics and optimization tools, users can maximize the performance of their ad inventory and increase their ad revenue. This can involve identifying and adjusting to underperforming demand partners, improving ad targeting, and experimenting with new ad formats.

Independent publishers seeking access to the best demand partners:


The AdOps Grader is a great tool for independent publishers who are looking to expand their reach and connect with premium demand partners. It can help identify new demand sources and provide data on the performance of existing partners. Additionally, the Grader’s analytics can help publishers make data-driven decisions about which partners to prioritize, which can lead to increased ad revenue and better user engagement.

Publishers who need granular insights into their site’s performance


Publishers can monitor and analyze their site’s performance through the grader. It offers granular reports on ad delivery, ad fill rate, click-through rate (CTR), and other key metrics once you sign up for MonetizeMore’s PubGuru dashboard. These insights can help publishers identify issues and areas for improvement, such as low-performing ad units, and make data-driven decisions to improve their website’s performance.

Why is AdOps grading important?


The AdOps Grader is a one-of-a-kind tool that helps optimize your ad units and monitor their performance in real time. By analyzing your site in seconds, the grader will provide you with a detailed analysis of your ad server setup and identify areas for improvement, such as underperforming ad units or placements. With this information, you can make data-driven decisions and take the necessary steps to improve your ad revenue and user engagement. The grader will provide you with all the key metrics, giving you a clear understanding of what’s working and what’s not working. Additionally, the grader will help to continuously monitor and optimize your ad units, header bidding setup, and any chances of policy violations ensuring that you are always getting the best performance from your ad inventory.

What now?

Publishers looking to maximize ad revenue and improve the performance of their ad setup will find the AdOps Grader super valuable. By providing a thorough analysis of your ad inventory and identifying areas for improvement, the grader empowers publishers to make data-driven decisions and take action to optimize their ad units and user engagement.

The grader is also a powerful monitoring tool that can help publishers stay on top of their ad performance and make adjustments as needed. With the help of the AdOps Grader, publishers can optimize their ad units and achieve the best possible performance from their ad inventory.

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