A Day In The Life – Lucille, Ad Ops Professional At MonetizeMore

A Day In The Life – Lucille, Ad Ops Professional At MonetizeMore

Our ad operations team plays a major role in the success of MonetizeMore. In this new series, we’ll highlight the great work ad ops does behind-the-scenes and give you and a sneak peek inside the world of Ad Operations. Enjoy the first story below!

My name is Lucille and I’m an Ad Ops professional at MonetizeMore. I work with several publishers across different categories. I recently handled an educational site getting organic traffic using AdSense only with their ad inventory.

With a thorough investigation of the site, I discovered some of the pages did not have any ads even though they had high traffic. Here’s what I did to help the publisher boost their traffic:

screenshot of high traffic page analysis

(a screenshot of high traffic page analysis)

Step 1:

Reviewed Google Analytics

– Top GEOs (Tier 1 traffic: US, Canada, Australia, UK, EU, NZ gave off higher CPMs compared to other countries)

Step 2:

Device Distribution (Mobile, Desktop, Tablet) Desktop has higher CPMs compared to mobile. This gave us an idea of what viewport to prioritize depending on the site’s traffic

Step 3:

Looked at Traffic Sources (Organic and paid traffic helped us forecast how the site will perform at various times)

Step 4:

Analyzed Pages with the highest pageviews

(This helped us determine where to place the ads on the sites)

Step 5:

Reviewed data from Google Ad Manager and other ad networks used on the site for the past year to get baseline data on the site’s performance.

Step 6:

Made recommendations for the publisher to implement on the site.

Step 7:

Continued monitoring performance with some optimization here and there until performance became stable.

Step 8:

Continued testing other revenue streams

The result?

The publisher’s revenue increased by 300%.  They tripled their revenue! The publisher then entrusted us to manage their other sites as well. This is just one case that makes my job as an Ad Ops professional at MonetizeMore so fulfilling.

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Kean Graham

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