5 Ways to Monetize DIY Websites and Blogs

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Last updated: November 16, 2020 | by Kean Graham
5 Ways to Monetize DIY Blogs

This post was most recently updated on November 16th, 2020

With the advent of social-sharing platforms, especially Pinterest, plus the growing revolution of mom blogs, DIY sites are fast becoming staples in the online publishing world. They’re highly engaging, fun, creative – and sometimes, great stress-relievers! For serious publishers, DIY blogs and websites are a lucrative niche to earn some decent ad revenues.

Our in-house ad optimization team has laid out 5 ways to monetize DIY sites:

1) Direct Sponsorship

DIY sites are very attractive to direct advertisers with it’s unique and original content. Most of DIY sites have highly engaged, highly participative users and most likely, returning users. Having these type of users is like magnet. You will also see high CPM rates. It’s easy to sell and price off your inventory to direct media buyers.

2) Affiliate Marketing

Same with direct sponsorship, affiliate marketing can be a good source of revenue. Here’s one of the common scenario. User checks out to “How To Prep for a Disney Party” and within the article are store recommendations – online links to where you can buy everything you will need from the Mickey-themed plates to the confetti.

3) Guest Posts

5 Ways to Monetize DIY Websites and Blogs MonitizeMore

Some small companies who are still trying to build their name, would go for guest posting where they can promote themselves to your audience. So long as you can guarantee them exposure, they’re willing to pay top dollar for it.  Your way to their heart is your audience reach and a fit to their demographic needs.

4) Programmatic Display

Look for strong premium ad network partners that can offer high cpm rates with good fill rates. Identify which ad networks can be used as 1st layer passback. This will help you monetize the impressions in an optimal waterfall set up. CPM optimization will be done on a daily basis, the same way as close monitoring for impression discrepancies from frontline to passback. In addition, you can also run MonetizeMore Demand as a header bid solution.

Publishers Ask: What is Header Bidding [Infographic]?

5) Nonstandard Ad formats

These are additional revenue streams to your site. You can try running anchor, interstitials, in-read, in-screen and skins ad formats. The rates are higher compared to standard ad formats.

If you want to better monetize your DIY site, contact our Support Team or sign up as a publisher in Doubleclick Ad Exchange.

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