5 Ways to Maximize Fill Rate

5 Ways to Maximize Fill Rate

There are over a billion websites on the internet with a large chunk of them using advertisements to monetize their site visitors. For some, this is their primary source of income, and there is a need for them to be able to monetize each impression as efficiently as possible. This is where fill rates come in.

glass filled with waterThe fill rate is the percentage of ads that serve whenever a visitor enters the site. These are ads that appeared to the visitor or in other words “get served.” Fill Rates are significant because as much as a site owner would want, not all ad requests will get returned with an advertisement. Fill Rates can help a publisher determine how their inventory is utilized.

A good fill rate percentage means that a site is being monetized efficiently, which will result in greater earnings. How does one calculate a site’s fill rate? It’s pretty simple; calculating fill rates is taking the total number of ads that served and dividing it by the total number of ad requests sent.

Getting the fill rate will give one a general idea of the site’s earning efficiency, and how much room there is to improve the performance. Here are our five ways to help you maximize your fill rate.

Run ad networks that offer 100% fill

Perfect examples are ad networks that provide header bidding solutions. They can provide premium prices and fill at 100%.

Optimizing with multiple ad networks

Keep looking for ad networks that can work better for your site. Communicating with different ad networks will let you know the rates they can offer on displaying their campaigns on your site. Thus, this will allow you to maximize not only the fill rate but also the potential earnings of your site.


Target visitors or users from countries which have the strongest demand. Look for ad networks that require and works best in countries where most of your site traffic is coming from.

Flexi Ad Sizes

Use Flexi ad sizes on your ad placements to achieve higher fill rates for single slot sizes. It works well when the exact slot size isn’t in demand. The largest payable ad size will be the one to display the campaign on particular ad placement. This will increase the competition, and it will be beneficial for you and the advertiser.

Ad blocking

Most users prefer to use ad blockers to avoid annoying ads. Even if you are abiding ad placement policies when serving ads on your website, you can still get affected by ad blocking apps. Thankfully there are solutions developed to help advertisers breakthrough ad blockers including services such as PageFair.

Getting the help you need

If you’ve been struggling to maximize the fill rate on your sites be sure to implement the tips we’ve mentioned in this post. However, this process can be time-consuming and get quite complicated so why not let our dedicated team of ad optimizers do it for you? Sign up for a Starter account at MonetizeMore today!

Additional FAQ

What is the fill rate?

The fill rate refers to the number of ads shown compared to the number of ad requests made on a web page. Higher fill rates generally result in better ad revenue for publishers. We talk about increasing fill rates in the post.

How do you increase the fill rate?

There are many different ways of increasing the fill rate of your ads, such as running multiple ad networks, using flexible ad sizes, geo-targeting, and much more. We go into more detail in our blog post.

What is an ad request?

An ad request is where an ad server sends a request to fill an ad unit with an advertisement that happens when the user starts loading the webpage. This process will occur for every ad unit on a webpage. Ad requests can be counted even if no ads were returned from your advertisers.

How do you calculate the fill rate?

Fill rate = ad impressions/ad requests x 100

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