5 Things Your Site Visitors Can Teach You About Ad Placement

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Last updated: July 30, 2019 | by Kean Graham

This post was most recently updated on July 30th, 2019

Knowing the best ad placements on your site is solely your responsibility. But knowing your site visitors well can also help you determine where is the best place to put your ads.

5 Things Your Site Visitors Can Teach You About Ad Placement MonitizeMore

When you win your viewer’s attention, it is important to know how you did it and what made them stay on your page. Based on experience both as a publisher and a user, we’ve come up with 5 things that your visitor can teach you about ad placement.

#1 – Quality over Quantity

Adsense allows publishers to have a maximum of 3 content ads per page and Ad Exchange allows you to have a maximum of 5 ads per page. You might think that having a total of 8 ads on a page is good because more ads mean more money, but please, avoid overcrowding your page with ads. You may notice that when your site’s layout is more viewer-friendly, focusing more on giving the best experience to your viewers and has a healthy ratio of ads and your content, you viewers stay longer on your page not just to read your content but to browse your site as well.

#2 – Mobile, Desktop or Both

The mobile-first generation has arrived – forcing most publishers and even Google to upgrade their systems to accommodate the growing mobile user base. From Google Analytics, you’ll see how many of your site visitors are using their smartphones to get the latest news from your site or scanning through their desktop at work during break time. With this information, you’ll know which sections of your site to focus and improve more. If you haven’t switched to being mobile-responsive.

Now is the best time to do that.

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#3 – The Best Ad Unit

Best performing ad units can be monitored on your ad network reporting dashboard or on your Adsense performance report. Don’t be afraid to test other ad sizes and ad formats and see what ad unit best appeals to your reader. They will surely let you know when you carefully check and monitor the ad sizes that you are using.

#4 – Audience Demographics

This can be tracked via Google Analytics. This is the start of how you should get to know your viewers, what do they want and what are they interested in. Keeping track of this will give you an idea on how to properly optimize your ad units. You’ll be able to know which page they always visit and stay, thus bringing higher revenue to you.

#5 – Visitor’s Behavior

Always keep your eyes on how your visitors behave on your page. You may notice that some stay longer on the site and browse other pages and others are just checking one page then leave. With the help of In-Page Analytics, you will be able to visualize how these visitors interact with your web page. In Page analytics can help you verify if your layout and call to actions are effective. The report from In-Page Analytics will also show you what are the links that the users are clicking and the portion of the pages that your visitors can see without scrolling – so you may want to put an ad there for optimum conversion.

User-experience is key to ad performance. You can get all the traffic you want, but if you fail to engage with your audience through the right set of ads, ad placement optimization, and content-to-ad balance, it can prove to be futile. Remember: tracking user-activity and experimentation is key.

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