5 Signs You Should Invest In Ad Exchange

Ad Exchange Ad Optimization
May 5, 2023 | by Aleesha Jacob

We understand the hesitation of most Adsense publishers who are earning big time already in this popular monetization program. However, the best opportunities do not just happen solely in Adsense. Google has been successful in inviting big publishers to join Google Ad Exchange to compete against Adsense ads. The result? More revenue!

Watch this video to understand what we mean:

If you’d like to know if you are Ad Exchange-ready, here are 5 signs to determine if you should finally invest in Google Ad Exchange.

#1 – Your site is Adsense-friendly (you comply with Google Adsense policies and has no warning/notifications).

As Ad Exchange is an exclusive Google ad network that has strict policies, one would have to work on many things for their website to be qualified. If your site has a good standing with Google Adsense and hasn’t been flagged for any infraction, why let go of an opportunity others would work hard to get? It is time to upgrade from Adsense to its premium version, Google Ad Exchange.

#2 – Your site is always updated with fresh and engaging content to offer to readers.

Fresh content is what produces repeat users or loyal readers. If your site is engaging, that is already half the battle won. Google Ad Exchange’s contextual ads technology is world-class. With it, you’ll be able to serve users with ads that are relevant and even more meaningful. Tip: New content that continually answers a user’s query may remain fresh.

#3 – You take ad optimization seriously and would like to increase your ad revenue by 15%-25%.

Ad Exchange helps publishers simplify their operations, make smarter decisions, and generate more revenue. Ad Exchange’s evolution just doesn’t stop. Real-time bidding continues to grow. With Ad Exchange, ad network tags can compete dynamically against RTB, helping to drive higher overall CPMs. Once you have Ad Exchange, you can increase yield from your high-value inventory by pitting it against Adsense. This would increase ad space demand and competition that result in higher CPMs.

#4 – You want to gain access to big brand advertisers

Joining the Ad Exchange Program is becoming part of the marketing mix for some of the biggest and best advertisers in the world. AdX is the premium version of AdSense as it does work with a higher number of advertisers. Finally, you have the chance to show high-paying ads from Target, Coke, Apple, etc. You might play small-time now. But with Ad Exchange, you deal with the big players that pay well.

#5 – Your site is small but has the potential to grow and you can become a premium publisher.

Smaller websites can update faster and therefore can achieve higher rankings. Sites that have great – dynamic and fresh content,  has a quick response time, user and mobile-friendly –  can rank higher in search results. If your stats show your website has the potential to be the next household .com name, then go for Ad Exchange! Ad Exchange is quite exclusive though for bigger publishers.

Switch today. It’s time to upgrade to Google AdX now!

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