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Last updated: July 6, 2022 | by Kean Graham

This post was most recently updated on July 6th, 2022

Publishers are aware that in order to increase website revenue from ads (or from any other monetization channel, actually) – the 2 important levers to sustain are: (1) Number of Users; (2) Value of Existing Users.

Under these two main levers are 4 factors:

  1. Unique User Growth
  2. Revenue per Page view or RPM
  3. Pageviews per Visit or Depth of Visit
  4. Visits per User or Loyalty

Today we’ll give you tips to boost these 4 powerful growth areas in order to improve your site and revenue in the long-term. Check out the summary via the Infographics below. Don’t forget to share!

#1 Unique User Growth

Website traffic is fundamental in any monetization campaign. To sustain visitor influx to your site, you need to have a solid unique user acquisition strategy:

  • First, check your Google Analytics data and drill down to where your users are coming from (Traffic Sources or Geo Reports); and which types of content (Pages or Interests Reports) are they interested in.
  • Determine the top entrance points (landing pages); and the pages that garner the most visits or page views. From here you can deduce the content topics you would want to offer in the long term to keep those unique users growing in number.
  • You can then tailor your content to match, say their geographical traits; or the type of content you will publish: are they mostly social media users, or search visitors, referrals, etc.
  • Search Engine Optimization or SEO is ideal to implement if you want to improve your search traffic
  • Content and Social Marketing Campaigns are great to promote your site on different traffic channels

A word of caution: Do not participate in third-party services that promise to increase your site’s traffic without showing where the users (if they’re even real!) are coming from.

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#2 Revenue per Page view or RPM

In order to maximize the revenue of each possible page view; you can implement 2 things:

  • Optimize your ad placements

Make sure you place ads on your most popular pages (Pages with the highest page views or visits)

Try to place your near content areas where users will most-likely linger to engage with your content

Follow the natural ‘eye flow’ of readers and identify hot spots where users will most likely stop to read what’s on your site.

MonetizeMore has published a Banner Layout Cheat Sheet that you can follow. We’re also running a series of the Best Adsense Placements per vertical: Game Sites.

  • Increase ad competition

Imagine when several advertisers are vying for a limited set of ad space. The bid for this precious real estate follows an upward trend. The result? Higher revenue per-1000-impressions or RPM. Adsense offers best practices when getting your ads to compete with one another to maximize ad revenue:

  1. Implement both text and image ads
  2. Include the top-performing ad sizes on your site
  3. Be more lenient in allowing more ad categories. Blocking too many may decrease your revenue
  4. Switch from Adsense to Ad Exchange to gain access to bigger advertisers
  5. Use DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) to allow Adsense to compete against other ad networks

#3 Pageviews per Visit or Depth of Visit

To encourage users to view your content and more of your site’s pages, make sure they can immediately see the content they’re looking for. Make it easy for users to discover the information they want by placing that information prominently on your page. Improve user-experience through landing page optimization to keep users on your site.

Additionally, lead users to go for more and visit your other pages by offering entry points like ‘Related Reads’ or ‘Popular Articles’ – either interspersed within your content or at the end of your articles.

#4 Visits per User or Loyalty

Increase the frequency of site visits from your user base by regularly updating them of what’s new on your site. You can achieve this by encouraging visitors to subscribe to your newsletter or blog and to follow you on the social media channels where your target audience can be found.

To further boost loyalty, incentivize your readers by giving away freebies like ebooks, free tools, etc – when they sign-up to your newsletter.

By launching mechanisms to sustain long-term growth in website traffic and revenue, you are on your way to years of successful monetization. Best of luck!

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