Best Ad Optimization Strategies for Tablet Device

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Last updated: August 19, 2022 | by Kean Graham
Best Ad Optimization Strategies for Tablet Device

This post was most recently updated on August 19th, 2022

When we said early this year that the use of smartphones and mobile phones will continue soaring, we forgot to mention that the use of tablets is not far behind. They are and will be an integral part of the digital landscape. And of course, all publishers would like to reach the broadest audience as possible and apply the best strategies as they get advertisers on board and earn more revenue.

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Here are some techniques that we can provide while you optimize your ads targeting the tablet device.

1) Target best ad networks – As we mentioned in our previous article, targeting and setting up the best ad network campaigns like those that provide good flat CPM rates will really help.

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2) Know your numbers – What are your goals? What kind of performance are you expecting? If you are working with ad networks, it is best to communicate with your ad network representative. They are the best ones to talk about the best CPM rates, your fill, and frequency caps, and even revenue share.

2) Think tablets like desktops – adjust your keyword groups and as well as your landing pages, like how you do it on a desktop-accessed site.

3) Avoid Flash ads – iPads do not render Flash and they cover most of all the tablet traffic, so you wouldn’t want to utilize this for now.

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4) You may build on tablets after you build it for mobile – you would like to test the waters and try to experiment with the results of whatever ads you have for mobile-first. Once you see good results, have those implemented on targeting the tablet device too. You just don’t want to rush things by making sure you tested ads on mobile to know expected results prior to jumping in and implementing it on a tablet too.

We can agree that smartphones are more widely used as compared to tablets but it is best to consider all channels and devices for a greater reach of audience maximizing your potential to earn.

Contact MonetizeMore so we can get started optimizing your tablet-ad inventory. We help publishers earn from multi-device sources by optimizing the best performing ads for them. You may also sign-up for FREE to Ad exchange – the premium version of Adsense.

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