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The limitations

Price floors are a dangerous area for publishers to optimize. You don't want to raise them too high and lose out on potential demand. But you also don't want to have them too low. You need to find the Goldilocks approach that applies gentle pressure to your auctions.

SYNCHRONIZEImport via Google Sheet

Synchronize with your dedicated spreadsheet to keep all of your rules up to date automatically. The connection can be done within minutes from PubGuru®’s dashboard.

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MONITORMeasure the performances of UPRs

The Unified Pricing Rules Report provides a comprehensive breakdown of insightful metrics by the rules, or ad units. Publishers can easily identify the most effective setup by comparing Impressions, Revenue, RPM, Fill Rate and more.

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OPTIMIZEAdd new rules at ease

Easily configure and add a new Unified Pricing Rule from Pubguru®. Apply your pricing rules to specific ad units, geos, devices, and more!

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PubGuru® saves you time & resources

So you can spend more time on your publishing properties instead of toiling away hour after hour inside your ad server.

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More features

To reduce your workload


AI-powered Header Bidding

Automate your header bidding and easily scale your bids to billions of requests per day.


Unified Reporting

Integrate with 50+ ad networks and compare the performance of your bidders across each ad network.


Invalid Traffic Protection

Block invalid traffic from clicking your ads using our machine-learning and finger-printing algorithms.


Customized Ad Ops

Get exclusive tweaks for your ad account to maximize your ad revenue with our team of industry experts.

Since we started working with MonetizeMore, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in our page RPM by 28% and have loved the clear communication between our teams so we can understand the optimization tests we’re running on our publishing property.

Neal Parker from Doyouremember.com
Neal Parker


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