Simple steps for fixing AdSense invalid traffic

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Last updated: November 7, 2022 | by Kean Graham
Simple steps for fixing AdSense invalid traffic

This post was most recently updated on November 7th, 2022

Are you having a difficult time with invalid traffic or IVT? You’re not alone. It’s one of the biggest issues publishers face in the industry. Getting rid of IVT is not an easy task. However, in this article, we’ll show you how to fix AdSense invalid traffic in two steps.

Step #1: Familiarize yourself with the AdSense policy

You can learn more about what AdSense has to say about invalid traffic here. The most important aspects to remember here include:

-Do not click on your own ads

-Do not encourage website visitors to click on your ads by placing ads too close to content resulting in accidental clicks or using language to do so. Be sure to read our ultimate ad placement guide for more information.

Step #2: Implement Traffic Cop

Traffic Cop is MonetizeMore’s invalid traffic tool. It uses sophisticated technology such as machine learning and fingerprinting algorithms to protect publishers from IVT. The tool detects invalid traffic and then prevents it from seeing and clicking on publisher ads.

Publishers also get access to a dashboard where they can see invalid traffic detected and suppressed in real time as shown below.

Traffic Cop report

Traffic Cop also won the Google innovation of the year award in 2020!

In conclusion

Invalid traffic is a complicated problem that most publishers don’t know how to solve. With Traffic Cop, we’ve taken out the guesswork. You’ll don’t have to wonder if you’ll lose your AdSense account over IVT issues.

By following our two simple steps mentioned above, you can fix AdSense invalid traffic, decrease revenue deductions greatly and protect your account!

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