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Google Ad Exchange was designed for big brand advertisers and premium publishers. As a certified Google AdX partner, MonetizeMore gives you access to Google Ad Exchange when you partner with us. If you are using AdSense, it is the time for you to level up your programmatic ads game!


Programmatic Exchange

Get access to demand across many ad networks and demand-side platforms.


More Ad Optimization Tools

We utilize additional tools to further increase your RPM performance.


Advanced Targeting Technology

Sophisticated targeting technology that results in more engaging ads.


Avoid Channel Conflict

Avoid cannibalizing your premium sales by running anonymous ad tags to prevent premium advertisers from buying your ad impressions for cheaper.


Fast Payment

Receive quick monthly payments anywhere in the world via wire, PayPal or Hyperwallet.


Google Policy Consultation

We give you customized advice how to become Google compliant.

How Google Ad Exchange Works?

Google Ad Exchange is the only ad exchange that offers real-time access to major demand sources, plus all the demands of Google AdSense. That, coupled with more complex targeting technology leads to better performance. We as certified Google AdX partners utilize the additional optimization tools on a 24/7 basis to maximize your ad revenues.

Features AdMobGoogle AdXMM AdX
Website Inventory
Mobile App & Game Inventory
Third-party Ad Exchange & Network
Programmatic Real-time bidding
Mediation & Open bidding
Consitent reporting across all ad serving activities
Deeper Analytics & Real-time Dashboard
Instant support on Policy Violation
Recommendation on Monetization Strategy
Account Operations manager by third-party

What publishers say about us

“MonetizeMore has now become our main monetization partner. After they helped us with Google AdX we saw an average increase of revenue around 25%. Their fees are extremely fair and transparent, leaving us 100% technical control over the website and our DNS. Their 24hr support is extremely responsive and the payments are always on time.”


MonetizeMore helped to increase my Ad Revenues almost immediately. Through their 24 Hour Support Team and fast service we were able to implement the Google AdX Tags quickly and easily, increasing our Ad Revenues significantly and we continue to work with them to this day.

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Frequent Asked Questions

What is Google Ad Exchange (AdX), and how does it work?

Google Ad Exchange (AdX) is an online marketplace where publishers can sell their ad inventory to advertisers through real-time bidding (RTB). AdX uses advanced algorithms to match advertisers with the most relevant ad inventory in real-time, helping to maximize revenue for both publishers and advertisers.

Is Google an ad exchange?

Google is a multi-faceted company that owns and operates many businesses. Google owns and operates an ad exchange called the Google Ad Exchange, which is now part of Google Ad Manager. You can join their ad exchange by signing up through a partner such as MonetizeMore or, if you’re a publisher that gets 100Ms of pageviews per month, getting an invite from Google

How do I sign up for Ad Exchange?

To sign up for Google Ad Exchange you can get access to all demand AdSense demand plus premium advertiser demand. You can sign up to Ad Exchange through a partner such as MonetizeMore (Via this page) or by getting an invite from Google. Google only directly invites publishers with 100Ms of pageviews per month. If you haven’t already received an invite, then you’ll only be able to get access via a partner

How can partnering with MonetizeMore for AdX solutions help publishers maximize their revenue?

MonetizeMore is a leading AdX partner that offers publishers advanced AdX optimization solutions. By partnering with MonetizeMore, publishers can access cutting-edge ad optimization technology and dedicated support from expert AdX specialists, helping to maximize their revenue and streamline their ad operations.

What are the benefits of using Google Ad Exchange (AdX) compared to other ad exchanges?

Google Ad Exchange (AdX) offers several unique benefits for publishers, including access to a massive pool of advertisers, advanced real-time bidding (RTB) technology, and transparent reporting and analytics. AdX also offers a range of customization options, including control over ad formats, targeting, and pricing.

How does MonetizeMore help publishers with the AdX setup and optimization process?

MonetizeMore offers publishers a range of AdX setup and optimization services, including expert setup and integration, advanced optimization technology, and ongoing support from dedicated AdX specialists. This helps publishers streamline their ad operations and maximize their revenue from AdX.

What types of publishers are eligible for using Google Ad Exchange (AdX), and what are the requirements?

Google Ad Exchange (AdX) is available to publishers who meet certain eligibility requirements, including minimum traffic thresholds, content quality standards, and compliance with Google policies. Eligibility requirements can vary depending on the region and other factors.

How can publishers ensure that their AdX inventory is being sold at the highest possible price?

Publishers can maximize their AdX revenue by implementing advanced optimization techniques, such as header bidding, ad refresh, and dynamic floor pricing. Partnering with a trusted AdX optimization partner like MonetizeMore can also help publishers access advanced optimization technology and expert support to ensure their inventory is being sold at the highest possible price.

What are some common challenges that publishers face when using Google Ad Exchange (AdX), and how can MonetizeMore help overcome them?

Common challenges for publishers using AdX can include low fill rates, low CPMs, and complex ad optimization processes. MonetizeMore can help publishers overcome these challenges by providing expert optimization technology and support, as well as offering customized solutions to meet each publisher’s unique needs.

How does MonetizeMore ensure transparency and control for publishers using AdX?

MonetizeMore prioritizes transparency and control for publishers using AdX by providing detailed reporting and analytics, as well as offering complete control over ad formats, targeting, and pricing. MonetizeMore also provides ongoing support from dedicated AdX specialists to help publishers maximize their revenue and optimize their ad operations.

What are some of the success stories or case studies of publishers who have partnered with MonetizeMore for AdX solutions?

MonetizeMore has helped numerous publishers achieve significant revenue growth and optimization success with AdX solutions. Success stories and case studies can be found on the MonetizeMore website or by contacting the company directly.