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A formula for better in-app ad revenue

A formula for better in-app ad revenue

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  • M2 Client PlatSnapp
  • M2 Client Unico Studio
  • M2 Client Breezo
  • M2 client - IEC games
App Monetization Level-Up

Customized App Monetization Solution

Staying profitable while keeping your users engaged is tough. MonetizeMore is not just a simple software platform that automatically look for the best bidder to maximize your profit. We also look for the best configuration that best fit your website's audience to keep them engaged. Our success is measured by your business's success.

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Multipe Ad Formats

Our platform offer various ad formats such as banner, native, video, app open ads, and more!

Hassle-Free Implementation

Get started fast with our easy integration of app tags and step-by-step guide for publishers.

Integrate with AdExchange

Monetize your app via AdX demand and all the Google Certified Open Bidding Partners.

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Scheduled Reports

Keep track of your app performance on revenue using our Monthly Scheduled Reports

24/7 Support

Get technical help for any issues relating to ad serving and optimization

API Access by MonetizeMore

API Access

Gain access to our API to build your desired tools and solutions.

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What publishers say about us

Their team took over the ad mediation process for our mobile inventory here at PlantSnap. They consistently deliver against our ad revenue goals and have increased our revenue by 45% over the past 11 months. With a partner like MonetizeMore, I can focus on growing our audience and know my ad inventory is in good hands

Eric Ralls

CEO & Founder of PlantSnap

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