Video Ad Unit Name Does Not Contain the Keyword “Video”

When creating ad units in Google Ad Manager, it is strongly recommended for publishers to use a systematic and descriptive naming convention.

Video Ad Unit Name Does Not Contain the Keyword "Video" MonitizeMore

For example, when serving both display and video ad units, it is advisable to include the ad format or ad type in the name as well. For example video_outstream_domain

By giving the ad unit a descriptive name that makes sense, managing and optimizing these ad units become more efficient. For instance, when troubleshooting missing ads or any ad serving issues, locating the ad through the developer console or source code becomes easier. Additionally, when running reports in platforms like Google Ad Manager, setting up the report configuration and analyzing the data also becomes easier when the ad units are named logically.

When deciding to revamp the naming setup of your ad units, it is recommended that publishers create a new set instead of changing the names of existing ones, especially when using Google Ad Manager. When creating an ad unit in GAM, the ad unit name and code should ideally be the same exact entries and once the ad unit is created, the code can no longer be edited—making sure that the ad unit name and code match allows for easier troubleshooting and organization. If you change the pre-existing ad unit’s name, you will then be unable to edit the code section.

Video Ad Unit Name Does Not Contain the Keyword "Video" MonitizeMore

Once you’ve updated any ad unit, carefully proceed in re-implementing them on the website or app, ideally on a test page first before deploying it across the site after making sure the ads are serving correctly.

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