Unit defined XX times, don’t use the same Unit name more than once.

This post was most recently updated on August 17th, 2022

It is not recommended to define the same slot with the same ad unit name on the same page.

  • Device detection codes are possibly missing from the source code (if ON-page = Ad Manager or DFP tags are defined on page)
  • The device was probably not set in the PubGuru Header Bidding configuration (if OFF-page = tags are hosted in a secure MonetizeMore file)



Step 1: Log in to tools.monetizemore.com

Step 2: Open the relevant PubGuru Header Bidding configuration/s

Step 3: Re-check “Slot” field to find any unnecessary duplicates

Step 4: Should an ad unit be added twice (i.e. responsive setup), ensure each ad unit defined in the configuration has the right device set (desktop/mobile)



Step 5: Open the site, right-click > view page source

Step 6: Search the div ID’s. You should only see each body tag or div deployed once


Step 7: If you see any duplicates, remove.


Step 1: Open the page, right-click > view page source

Step 2: CTRL+F “defineslot” to locate DFP header tags

Step 3: If the publisher is using a separate set of ads on mobile vs desktop, check that device detection codes are set to properly to load the ads based on device:


Step 4: Search the div ID’s. You should only see each body tag or div deployed once


Step 5: Using a mobile emulator, refresh the page to load mobile

Step 6: View page source again and hunt down the duplicate ID

Step 7: If you see any duplicates, remove.


Need more help? Send us an email at support@monetizemore.com or log in to PubGuru App and use the Chat widget for immediate support.

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