An Additional reCaptcha is Enabled Alongside the Traffic Cop ReCaptcha

There is a separate reCaptcha that is actively in use aside from the Traffic Cop reCaptcha. When using Traffic Cop to block invalid traffic from seeing ads, it’s strongly advised that sites do not use an additional CAPTCHA mechanism to avoid conflicts with how Traffic Cop delivers its ad fraud protection.

Check whether your site is utilizing any other Captcha mechanisms and have these turned off to avoid Traffic Cop malfunction. Here are some common reCaptcha alternatives:

  1. hCaptcha

  2. The Honeypot Method

  3. Really Simple CAPTCHA

  4. Antispam Bee

  5. Akismet

The Captcha pop-up shows up on the page whenever suspect or invalid traffic is detected. Ads are suppressed until the suspicious user is able to resolve it to prevent ad fraud from even happening.

To test Traffic Cop’s reCaptha, go to your browser’s address bar and enter any page URL where Traffic Cop on Block mode is enabled, and append ?pg_tc=captcha. This will simulate the Captcha and the entire Traffic Cop ad suppression mechanism.


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