AdSense and Ad Exchange Non-Personalized Ads are Enabled on this Website

The option to serve AdSense or AdExchange non-personalized ads (NPA) is enabled and NPA ad codes are found on the page. Non-personalized ads are attributed to performance issues and revenue drops as bidders avoid these types of ads in general. As a result, ad units will rarely get filled and ad monetization suffers.

To verify your settings in Google Ad Manager or AdSense, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your Google Ad Manager (GAM) or AdSense account.

  2. Click on Privacy & Messaging

  3. Navigate to the type of message you wish to check. For example: GDPR.
  4. Click on the gear or Settings icon.

  5. Under “Choose the type of ads you want to show”, check to see whether it’s set to Personalized ads or Non-personalized ads.

  6.  If it is set to Non-personalized ads, click on the pencil icon to edit and switch to Personalized.

  7.  Once done, scroll down and click Save.

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