Access Event-level Data Related to Your Ad Manager Network Using Data Transfer

This post was most recently updated on August 17th, 2022

Ad Optimization using only the data from Google Ad Manager historical report could at times feel very limited. For example, you’d like to conduct analysis among multiple key-value pairs (KVPs) together, it’s impossible in GAM Historical report but is made possible by “Data Transfer”. The level of granularity it provides is extremely powerful. Use this guide to learn more about the different file types.

Data Transfer files that provide raw, non-aggregated, event-level data from ad campaigns, are pushed to Google Ad Manager cloud storage buckets on an hourly basis. This feature is only available in Google Ad Manager 360 and comes at an additional cost. You’ll need to place an order and set up configurations with your Account Manager. If you are running under an MCM – Manage Inventory agreement, Data Transfer gives you the transparency that you need in terms of reporting.

Data Transfer requires a high level of technical expertise. Work with MonetizeMore, a Google Certified Publishing Partner, if you don’t have the resources to manage ETL processing, support large files, design and administer a mid-sized data store, design and implement scripts, manipulate text files.

Each type of event has a corresponding file generated, with data accurate to the second and you may opt to include other information like country, device, etc. related to the event.

Here are sample files you can download to preview the data and fields in every Data Transfer report file. Note: The requests and code serve files are included with the impressions files at no additional cost.

File Type What it contains Sample file


Records every response from Ad Manager, whether downloaded or not. Download


Information about downloaded impressions. Download


Records every ad request received by Ad Manager, whether filled or unfilled. Download


Information about Active View-eligible Ad Manager-based impressions. Download
NetworkActivities A log entry is generated each time a user views or clicks a campaign in the publisher’s site that activates an activity pixel (formerly known as a Spotlight pixel) on an advertiser’s page. Download
NetworkBackfillBids (Beta) Information about Authorized Buyers and Open Bidding auction bids. Download


Information about clicks. Download
NetworkMinimumBidToWin (Beta) Reports the minimum bid buyers needed to win the auction when at least one remnant line item is competing. Download


Information about Studio events, including both standard and custom actions (play, pause, etc.), action duration, and more. Download


Information about video-specific events, including actions (play, pause, etc.), content IDs, pod positioning, and more. Download

The majority of the data will be delivered and available between 5 to 15 hours after the recorded hour but can take up to 8 days for some delayed events after they occurred. Ad Manager does not deliver data transfer information to third-party servers.

The file names in Data Transfer files follow a standard naming convention:

[Type]_[Network ID]_[YYYYMMDD]_[HH].gz

Re-published files will have a string:“_corrected”  is appended to the file name in extremely rare cases wherein a correction is needed for erroneous data.

Data Transfer files are saved in csv format that can be converted with a spreadsheet editor. Example scenarios you may choose to apply the Data Transfer information:

  • User geographic and demographic data
  • Unique conversions calculation for different dates
  • More granular reporting on user events and activities (e.g. per creative)

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