How to Use the Profit Attribution Report in PubGuru

Last updated: March 17, 2022 | by Kean Graham

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Profit Attribution is an important feature that reports campaign ROI and meaningful information to support your traffic acquisition decisions. In the Profit Attribution report, you will be able to see your campaign revenues, campaign costs, the percentage of suspicious and invalid traffic, and more by UTM value. In this article, we’ll show you how to use the Profit Attribution report. Let’s jump right in!

When breaking down the revenue by utm_values, you will have much more control over your buying strategies. This report supports the following UTMs:

  • Source – It tells you where is the traffic coming from
  • Medium – It tells you how are they arriving at our website – such as a paid campaign, organic, or email
  • Campaign – It tells you which product/promotion drove the visitor
  • Term – It helps you track specific keywords
  • Content – It tells you more information about the link it was clicked – such as a banner ad or a text link.

On your PubGuru dashboard, click on Advanced Reports > Profit Attribution.

To get data on cost and Campaign ROI, start by connecting your buy-side accounts with PubGuru.

On the left-hand panel, click Account Connections > Buy-Side Connections. Take a look at how easy it is to connect your accounts, as shown below.

revenue attribution report 1

Requirements to Connect Accounts


  1. Check this on how you can find your account ID:
  2. Provide the account ID to your MonetizeMore Account Manager.
  3. You will receive a request for access on your Facebook Business account. Go ahead and approve it.


We need Mainly three things for API  access to work for Revcontent

#1 – client_id

-On your RevContent account, click account name on the upper right-hand corner


-Scroll to the bottom where it says “client_id”, under Stats API Credentials

client id b

#2 – client_secret

-Click the account name on the upper right-hand corner

client secrete a

-Scroll to the bottom where it says “client_secret”, under Stats API Credentials

client secret b

#3 – account_id

-Click the account name on the upper right-hand corner

account id 1

-Account ID is found under Details

account id 2


You only need your username and password to connect.


  1. client_id (ask your Taboola rep)
  2. client_secret (ask your Taboola rep)
  3. account_id – when you’re logged in, it’s the numbers you see at the end of the Taboola Backstage URL:

taboola backstage

Google Ads

  1. Check this on how to locate your Customer ID:
  2. Provide your Customer ID to your MonetizeMore Account Manager.
  3. You will receive a request to link your account with MonetizeMore’s. Go ahead and approve the request.

To get revenue data (estimated profits, session RPM, ad impressions), you’ll need to connect your Google Ad Manager account.

RA 2

To get data on suspicious and invalid traffic, the Traffic Cop code snippet provided by our Support team or your MonetizeMore Account Manager should be deployed on the site.

rev attribution image

Take a look at how easy it is to control what you see on your dashboard below. You can toggle between different dates, metrics, and more.

RA 3

Pay Attention To These Metrics

Session RPM & Page RPM

The Session RPM and Page RPM measures the revenue you earn for every thousand sessions or pageviews per UTM campaign.

Suspect Traffic & Invalid Traffic

As a publisher, protecting your ad accounts from invalid traffic and ad fraud is critical to your success! Be sure to only partner with genuine traffic providers and not those that send fake or bot traffic. If a certain source brings a high level of suspicious and invalid traffic, discontinue working with them as soon as possible. Keep your site and earnings protected by being on top of every activity coming in. Traffic Cop integration keeps the bad actors out so you can focus on what matters most.

If you haven’t started running Traffic Cop yet, MonetizeMore’s invalid traffic detection and prevention solution, be sure to sign up over here.

ROI (only available for utm_campaign)

Return on Investment provides data on whether you are earning or losing money from the campaigns you’re running. This guides your decision to continue with the campaign, adjust, or switch to another.

Small sample data

Small sample data (highlighted in yellow) means that a particular utm_value didn’t have enough data to estimate a revenue result with good statistical relevance.

Estimated data checkbox – On and Off

Estimated data will show data estimation for today’s date. If the box is not checked, it will present past data based on Google Ad Manager. Estimated data is based on PubGuru’s model, which takes into account historical, Google Ad Manager, and Ad Network data.


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