Google Funding Choices Ad Blocking Tool Expands To More Countries

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Last updated: October 27, 2020 | by Kean Graham
Google Funding Choices Ad Blocking Tool Expands To More Countries

This post was most recently updated on October 27th, 2020

Recently Google announced that its Google Funding Choices tool would be expanded to 31 other countries within Europe as well as Canada.

In this week’s news video we take a closer look at the anti-ad blocking tool, what features it offers, and how publishers can implement it to fight ad blocker usage among their visitors.

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Video transcription

The Google Funding Choices tool, which helps publishers combat ad blocking software, has expanded to 31 more countries in Europe and Canada.

Initially, the tool launched in 2017 mostly targeting United States publishers and a few other markets.

Funding choices let publishers ask visitors to turn off their ad blocking software after viewing a certain number of articles on their site.

With the tool publishers can do the following:

Serve a dismissible message.

Serve a message that requires the user to pay after reading a set amount of articles.

Ask the user to turn off their ad blocker by blocking their access until they do.

Ask the user to pay for a viewing experience without ads via the Google Contributor program.

With the Google Contributor program, publishers share 10% of their revenue with Google.

Funding Choices is used by more than 100 publishers such as Business Insider UK & Popular Mechanics.

Here are some statistics to take note of regarding publishers who use the tool on their websites:

Publishers experience a 25-30% ad-blocking rate.

16% of users end up allowing ads to display.

Initiating a hard paywall leads to 22% of users whitelisting websites and allowing ads to display.

When simply asking users to whitelist websites, 15% respond positively.

Benefits of using the Funding Choices tool include ease of use and implementation which helps tackle ad-blocking with minimal effort.

On the other end, a general trend seems that most users don’t want to pay for a website with an ad-free experience.


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