Excessive Number of Visible Ads On The Screen. Follow These Steps To Fix It.

Too many ads are visible on the screen. This hurts user experience and ad performance.


  1. Google’s policy no longer restricts publishers in terms of a maximum number of ads per page but recommends that there should be as much original content as ads.
  2. When you have too many ads on page, they tend to negatively impact one another, stealing attention or clicks from one another and they all end up losing.
  3. Advertiser bids tend to be lower when there are too many ads. Consider this: why would a buyer pay a $5 CPM for an impression above the fold, when there’s another ad below the fold that he can win only at $2.50?
  4. Less ad slots available could mean tighter competition. Advertisers will put forward their best bids to win.
  5. Run a report broken down by ad unit. Consider letting go of the least performing ones.

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