Easily Adding Adsense Codes on Wordpress

Easily Adding Adsense Codes on Wordpress

On WordPress, you have the freedom to have multiple demands to help improve your site’s performance and Ad revenue, one of them is AdSense. Here’s a quick overview on how to add AdSense codes on WordPress:

#1 Install WordPress Ad Inserter Plugin.

  • Go to the WordPress Plugin menu and click the “Add New” button.

  • Search for “ad inserter”,  click “Install now” and activate the plugin.

#2 Add the AdSense tags on WordPress Ad Inserter Plugin.

  • Get the created AdSense tags from the UI.

  • Paste the AdSense tags on the block in WordPress Ad Inserter Plugin.

  • Select your preferred settings for the block.

  • Then click “Save Settings”.

#3 Check the AdSense tag implemented if it is working.

  • Open a browser, and check the page where the AdSense tag was implemented.
  • Open “Inspect” (ctrl+shift+I on Windows, command+option+I on Mac), by right-clicking the page.

  • A developer window will show up on the browser.

  • Go to Network tab and paste the “Ad-slot” ID of the tag, or you can paste the pub-ID to check if the ad is firing.

Once you see that the ad is firing, you are good to go.

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