How Can Bloggers Use Native Advertising and Content Marketing?

Native Ad Optimization

We’ve learned before what is a native ad, and we’ve mentioned that these native ads can be very valuable in terms of boosting your site’s revenue and reader’s engagement and having a content marketing plan together with these ads is a perfect way of dominating the online market.

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definitions of native advertising
But people nowadays are getting smarter and wiser. They just don’t buy anything interesting anymore without thinking hard about it or without having a bunch of information about the product.

Where else can they get reliable information about products but on various review blogs online which are written by who have the first-hand experience with a certain product or brand?

Bloggers can help save a brand. Find those bloggers who are in the same industry as you are and partner with them. Have a deal which can benefit both parties.

To help you decide whether to partner with them or not, here’s a list of advantages in partnering with a blogger to promote your brand:

1) Great lead opportunity – audience and content relevant to your brand

2) They have high influence over their readers – Audience decide based on what they read on blogs.

3) Fresh and relevant content about your product – Content-based from the first-hand experience of both bloggers and the audience.
Of course, there are a lot of bloggers out there and looking for the right one to work with will surely be challenging. It helps to have a tool – check out or

After you list the sites most relevant to your product or brand, check their content and how they present the brands that partnered with them. Once you found the right blogger for you, send them your proposal. Communicating all the important things like your budget, your expectation, and your goals can make the partnership a lot easier and successful.

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