Why Your Ad Revenues Plummeted Due To GDPR TCF 2.0

October 13, 2020 | by Kean Graham
Why Your Ad Revenues Plummeted Due To GDPR TCF 2.0

It’s almost here, CMP (consent management platform) D-day! The question is, are you ready?

On October 15, Google and other demand sources are ramping up the compliance requirements again, and this time, it’s serious!

While MonetizeMore is already handling this internally, plenty of publishers who aren’t working with MonetizeMore will pull up their dashboards and see their ad revenue take a nosedive. This is especially true for publishers with large portions of EU traffic.

Publishers will receive a message similar to this below:

Why Your Ad Revenues Plummeted Due To GDPR TCF 2.0 MonitizeMore

“IAB TCF V2.0 errors detected – we’ve detected an issue on your IAB TC string on one or more of your sites or apps. These errors may affect your ability to serve ads to European users. A detailed report is available on the EU user consent page.”

What is IAB TCF V2.0?

TCF or Transparency & Consent Framework, was created to enable consumers to provide or withhold consent regarding their data being processed by online platforms. At the same time, the framework gives consumers the ability to gain control over how vendors may use their data.

You might wonder why there was a need for a TCF V2.0, and what was wrong with V1.0? Publishers generally did not like the first version as many loopholes existed, which favored AdTech vendors. However, as TCF was one of a kind and a first for the advertising industry, it can’t be expected to be perfect the first time around. In fact, IAB and its creators expected new versions to emerge from V1.0.

The new version of TCF has focused on improving the original framework by increasing consumer transparency and providing greater control to publishers.

Find out more about IAB TCF V2.0 here.

What do publishers need to do?

If you’re already partnered with MonetizeMore, you have nothing to be concerned about. Our ad ops teams have been reaching out to our publisher partners to make sure they are running an IAB TCF V2.0 compliant CMP.

If you are not partnered with MonetizeMore and not ready, you need to act fast. If you are not prepared on October 15th, 2020, your ad revenue will decline sharply, and Google Analytics will not work correctly. Publishers need to run a consent management platform (CMP) that is compliant with IAB TCF 2.0 for Google and demand partners to continue serving ads to EU visitors on their websites.

You could join MonetizeMore and make sure you are compliant using our CMP called PubGuru DataGuard. Alternatively, Quantcast, Admiral, and Google Funding Choices also provide viable solutions.

Why choose PubGuru DataGuard?

PubGuru DataGuard is MonetizeMore’s CMP that is directly integrated using our tags. With PubGuru DataGuard, all users are checked for being in EU/EEA countries and California.

-Using PubGuru DataGuard will make consent management effortless

-We’ll make sure that our CMP correctly implements the IAB TCF framework, meaning that publishers don’t have to worry about it.

-Users who are not in EU/EEA countries or California will not get any consent popup.

-Users who are in EU/EEA countries will get an active consent popup. Our popup discloses that the user’s data will be used for customizing advertising based on their interests. We list out all known major advertising partners observed in the advertising ecosystem.

-Publishers can also add additional partners. We disclose all partners who could potentially load, rather than only the partners who definitively will load. Publishers don’t have to get consent over and over again on different pageviews for the various partners.

-Users who are in California will get a smaller passive popup with the proper privacy policy links and all the necessary disclosures.

Get all your questions answered regarding our consent management platform, PubGuru DataGuard, over here.

Here is an overview of the PubGuru DataGuard dashboard:

As you can see, with PubGuru DataGuard, publishers can see the percentage of EU and non-EU pageviews daily, those that consented, consent rates, and the popup CTR.

This will enable publishers to stay not only compliant but also be nimble in improving consent rates by customizing the message or design of the popup.

The report is also completely customizable and can showcase a wide range of metrics for publishers to analyze consent rates.

Why Your Ad Revenues Plummeted Due To GDPR TCF 2.0 MonitizeMore

Need help becoming IAB TCF V2.0 compliant?

Although CMP D-day is upon us, we can still help you minimize the impact of the IAB TCF compliance with our native consent management platform. Sign up to MonetizeMore to get started today!

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