Who are the Best Header Bid Partners? A Publisher Survey

Header Bidding
Last updated: September 26, 2019 | by Kean Graham
Publisher Survey - Best Header Bidding Partners

This post was most recently updated on September 26th, 2019

Header bidding has been a buzzword for the longest time and is seen as an established revolution to change the face of programmatic selling. In fact, 75% of publishers interviewed in this survey say that header bidding is here to stay.

Today we feature results of an informal publisher survey done by Graphiq. It’s titled “Header Bidding: The Publisher’s Perspective.” Twelve out of 100 respondents gave their answers to some of the most pressing concerns about header bidding, including factors they consider when choosing a header bid partner.

Which header bidding partners are publishers choosing?

Who are the Best Header Bid Partners? A Publisher Survey MonitizeMore

All respondents are working with a header bid partner, where:

  • 50% work with Sonobi
  • 58% use Yieldbot
  • 75% partner with Openx
  • 83% are with Index
  • 91% work with A9

Note that the publishers who participated in the survey use multiple header bid partners. Over 50% of them work with seven or more header bidders.

Which header bidding partners yield the highest impression volume?

The top 4 header partners with the highest volume of impression are the following:

  1. OpenX
  2. Index
  3. Sonobi
  4. A9

Which header bidding partners generate the highest revenue?

The ones that bring in the most ad revenue, expectedly, are the ones that produce the biggest volume of impressions:

  1. OpenX
  2. Index
  3. Sonobi
  4. A9

Which header bidding solutions are easiest to implement? Which are most difficult to work with?

According to the survey, publishers find Index and Sovrn as the easiest to work with. The ease of integration of both networks qualifies them as a choice, especially for those lacking in development time and manpower.

The most difficult providers to work with, on the other hand, are Sonobi and Criteo. They both require post-implementation maintenance and monitoring to work well.

What are the main issues with implementing header bidding?

Ease of Use

Implementation of header bid technology is a major concern for publishers. Knowing which header bid providers offer ease of use is definitely essential.

Page Latency

Header bidding is known to slow down page load time. Several wrapper solutions are being innovated to combat latency. In this survey, 50% of respondents noticed an increase in page latency or delay, while 33% have not.

Did you experience page latency due to header bidding?

Who are the Best Header Bid Partners? A Publisher Survey MonitizeMore

Unified Analytics

Forty-two percent (42%) of the respondents desire a unified dashboard of reporting and analytics of header bidding performance. It seems this revolution is pushing the ad industry into a direction of a more consolidated and transparent system, rather than the current fragmented one.

A hassle-free solution: MonetizeMore Demand

We have experienced first-hand the issues of implementation and data analysis when we tested out header bidding to a select group of publishers. With that experience and the insights it brought, we have developed a hassle-free solution for publishers: MonetizeMore Demand.

Finally, publishers can sit back and relax as we handle E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

From setup to optimization, to Google Analytics integration – we got you covered. You don’t need another developer to get you running on header bid technology. The best part: we’re non-exclusive to any ad network. That allows us to create a TRUE auction environment that is a fair playing field for everyone.

If you’re interested to be part of our beta, sign up below:

Who are the Best Header Bid Partners? A Publisher Survey MonitizeMore

For ad networks: You can become our header bidding partners!

We’ve made it easy for ad networks to join the next big step in display advertising. Although we do not employ exclusive deals with any network to keep the auction environment unbiased, you’re welcome to join the beta and become a header bidder with less hassle.

Don’t get left behind and join the header bidding revolution!

Who are the Best Header Bid Partners? A Publisher Survey MonitizeMore


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