What’s the Deal with DoubleClick Ad Exchange?

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Last updated: August 19, 2022 | by Kean Graham

This post was most recently updated on August 19th, 2022

DoubleClick Ad Exchange is one of the largest ad exchanges on the internet run by Google. It is a marketplace of advertisers and publishers. The publishers offer their inventory up for a minimum CPM and the advertisers bid on the inventory. It is a great platform that allows demand to meet supply in the ad marketplace.

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There’s been a lot of misinformation out there about DoubleClick Ad Exchange. Allow me to demystify you poor revenue-hungry publishers:

  • Can I opt in to DoubleClick Ad Exchange via DoubleClick for Small Business?

No, you need to use a premium DoubleClick for Publishers product. Google is working on adding DoubleClick Ad Exchange to the DoubleClick for Small Business mix. So, if you’re using DoubleClick for Small Business, you’re going to have to wait.

  • Doesn’t AdSense automatically opt into the DoubleClick Ad Exchange network?

No, AdSense is mutually exclusive of DoubleClick Ad Exchange. In fact, DoubleClick Ad Exchange is much bigger than AdSense. Its network of advertisers includes the AdSense advertisers (AdWords) as well as many ad networks and agencies.

  • What’s the big deal? Why do I even want to sign up with DoubleClick Ad Exchange?

DoubleClick Ad Exchange offers publishers access to a much larger pool of advertisers than AdSense. Not only this, your website would be receiving the highest bid on your ad inventory. Think of it as a giant group of advertisers participating in a silent auction for your ad inventory. This is similar to AdSense but with a group of advertisers that is many times larger.

Remember folks, the name of the game is to increase the internal competition of advertisers within your ad network. In order to manifest this, you must offer your site to as many advertisers as possible. DoubleClick Ad Exchange is the perfect addition to this optimal ad serving strategy.


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