What are Run Of Network ads?

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Last updated: September 10, 2021 | by Kean Graham
run of network ads

This post was most recently updated on September 10th, 2021

Run of network (RON) refers to a publisher allowing ads to target all available ad inventory within their network of sites. This means that if the advertiser’s ads are targeted to run of network, it can appear on any page within the publisher’s sites.

Alternatively, run of site (ROS) refers to a set of ad units from an advertiser running on one site instead of a network of sites.

Let’s take a closer look at RON from both a publisher and advertiser perspective.

Why would a publisher allow run of network ads?

In Google Ad Manager (GAM), when initializing RON line item targeting you are targeting all ad units within your GAM network/account. By default, Google Ad Manager line items are set to RON unless you specify inventory targeting.

What are Run Of Network ads? MonitizeMore

From a publisher’s perspective, there are a few pros and cons to allowing run of network ads.


  • It makes for easier and more straightforward setup of line items
  • Since it’s easier, it’s less time consuming
  • It can be used as a method to monetize unfilled or unsold ad inventory


  • Non-granular optimization (can’t separate line item optimization for inventory not performing equally)
  • Tends to result in unfair competition, especially for managed demand
  • As a publisher, you have a lack of control over delivery (e.g. frequency cap, impression cap, day & time, creative rotation)
  • If using RON to fill unsold at inventory, it generally leads to lower RPMs

Why would an advertiser run RON ads?

With run of network ads, the advertiser has very little control over the placement of their ads. Many times RON ads show up in less desirable ad locations such as below the fold and the within content doesn’t always match the advertiser’s targeted user. However, this can result in much lower CPMs than targeted advertising.

Naturally, since ads are less targeted, it would result in a broader reach for the advertiser. Advertisers tend to go with run of network advertising when they have a product to promote that interests a large audience or if they want to increase visibility for a brand.


Now you have a better understanding of run of network ads! If you’d like to find out if RON ads are optimal for your setup, why not let our ad optimization experts take a look? Sign up for a Starter account at MonetizeMore today!


What does run of network mean?

Run of network (RON) is when publishers allow ads to target all available ad inventory within their network of sites.

What is a Ron?

RON is the abbreviation for “Run Of Network” ads. We provide more information about this ad setting in our blog post.

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