Top Ad Network for December 2014: Sharethrough

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Last updated: September 23, 2019 | by Kean Graham

This post was most recently updated on September 23rd, 2019

Sharethrough believes that ads don’t have to be lame and sloppy. They used to focus solely on delivering branded content across publisher sites. Until recently, they have advanced to distributing branded video content to website readers by any means possible.

It doesn’t stop there! They recently announced that beyond video, they also endeavor to go for other types of media such as sponsored posts and infographics.

This ad network has access to the world’s top brands, advertising their short films, webisodes, branded entertainment, video clips, and other stuff people would love to watch. Your users must be so happy!

Let ‘s take a look at a sample of their ad unit:

Top Ad Network for December 2014: Sharethrough MonitizeMore

Here are 8 more incredible facts why Sharethrough is unique and stands out from the rest of the ad networks for December 2014.

1) Earnings based on vCPM (Viewable CPM). vCPM only counts viewable ad impressions that get at least 50% of the ad on screen for at least one second. Sharethrough does not pay for ad impressions that fall short of the viewable criteria. In short, always place Sharethrough ad units in highly visible sections of the site or where users love to go and spend most of their time for strong vCPMs.

2) They can serve ads on different devices: mobile, tablet, desktop

3) Shows video ads that are targeted to the content and the ad units integrate with the look and feel of any website – you wouldn’t think it’s an advertisement. It could also potentially perform well on list pages as an integrated listing.

4) Ads most often get high engagement (you know that means more revenue, right?)

5) Implementation requires placement of the Sharethrough Native javascript tag into the page source and some tweaks in the DFP tags. The placement is initially set to pre-live for testing, so it will have a 100% fill rate but unpaid.

6) Can passback to other ad networks – allowing publishers to maximize every single impression.

7) The DFP tags do not need to be the exact size as the Sharethrough ads

8) CPM performance is highly satisfactory. You should try to see it for yourself.

One more thing: the dashboard! The color is cool but, most importantly, it’s user-friendly and insightful.

Top Ad Network for December 2014: Sharethrough MonitizeMoreAs a publisher, you wouldn’t want to miss running this high paying ad network in your inventory. It’s a new revenue stream and is absolutely non-intrusive.

Go ahead and speak to us about Sharethrough. We can get you started to boost your ad revenue.

MonetizeMore also helps publishers get into Doubleclick Ad Exchange – the best version of Adsense.

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