Tips in Optimizing Different Ad Types

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Last updated: September 20, 2019 | by Kean Graham

This post was most recently updated on September 20th, 2019

You must have seen or even used different ad formats that a beginner is yet to learn. In the world of digital advertising, endless possibilities for publishers means you need to catch up with the breakthroughs. As you take advantage of advertisers’ lavish budget on, let’s start understanding the different digital advertising types and hopefully gain some optimization insights to maximize revenue.

Concept ads

Its main goal is to drive brand awareness and trigger favorability plus intent to purchase. These are ‘finished files’ that are meticulously designed and produced and are rendered in a fixed manner. This type of ad is specifically created to express the creative idea and therefore should operate in a manner that is alive and well.

Most common examples of concept ads are the Full Page Flex and Billboard.

Optimization tip

This type of ad can be served as a Sponsorship line item on Google DFP. Such line item type has the highest delivery priority. The Value CPM you input is arbitrary.

Target a 1×1 custom ad unit so the ad can adjust and deliver according to how it is programmed. Ensure proper placement implementation on your website to avoid problematic ads. This unit could be a little spammy so check how it impacts user experience.

Full Page Flex ad on mobile sample:

Tips in Optimizing Different Ad Types MonitizeMore

Billboard ad sample:

Tips in Optimizing Different Ad Types MonitizeMore

Content Ads

The goal of Content Ads is to reinforce consumer understanding of a product. This type of digital advertising is usually of high-quality content and is something users can engage with — read, like share, comment, etc. Content is usually delivered within a stream of content (e.g. Facebook) or is displayed in a vertical ad format (e.g. Half page, Portrait ad).

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Optimization tip

You can run these units as Sponsorship or could also be a Price Priority line item on DFP, making it compete with other Price Priority line items. The highest paying line item available will serve the impression at any given time.

The Frequency Cap is directly proportional to the Ad Network’s fill rate. The right side rail above the fold is a good spot. Consult your account manager on how to implement in-stream units. It might be different for every ad network.

Half page sample

Tips in Optimizing Different Ad Types MonitizeMore

In-stream ad sample

Tips in Optimizing Different Ad Types MonitizeMore

Commerce ads

While ensuring that the right products or offers are rendered for every user, these ads are designed to get consumers to purchase/sign up, etc. It is targeted in a way that when a user exits an e-commerce site, he will be displayed with ads relevant to the products he previously looked at.

The modern ad technology has the ability to retarget and serve the right or relevant ads. As a marketer’s ability to create innovative commercial options continue to grow, this type of ad is foreseen to be important.

Optimization Tip

It is important that your website is responsive so it adjusts according to the device category. For instance, a 728×90 ad unit on tablet/desktop becomes 320×50 on mobile. This is done via device targeting on DFP. We would recommend running this as Price Priority line item. Experiment with placements where CTR is potentially high.

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Tips in Optimizing Different Ad Types MonitizeMore

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