Think You’re Cut Out For Ad Optimization? Take This Quiz!

Think You’re Cut Out For Ad Optimization? Take This Quiz!

If you have a good website and is getting decent traffic, then you most probably know about Google Adsense. You might also be on the lookout for top-performing ad networks. But have you asked yourself if you’re ready for ad optimization? Ad optimization is the process of making your ad inventory more profitable by continuously optimizing placements and implementing monetization strategies.

Check out this quiz and test your knowledge on ad optimization to help you make more money!

1) Have you heard about Ad Optimization before?

a. Yes

b. No

2) Which one of the following is not a recommended ad size for desktop?

a. 300×600

b. 468×60

c. 728×90

d. 336×280

3) Making custom channels targetable can increase:

a. CPC of ads as advertisers can target different areas of your website.

b. All will increase

c. CTR of your website

d. Clicks on your ads

4) On most occasions which Adsense ad typesetting is better for your revenue?

a. Text ads only

b. Display ads only

c. Google doesn’t recommend any.

d. Text and Display ads

5) Matching colors of ad titles and links to your website’s link scheme is:

a. Allowed by Google as long as a user can differentiate ads from content.

b. It will boost your revenue

c. Both a & b

d. Not Allowed by Google

6) What is Ad Blindness?

a. Users are not able to see ads on the website due to server error.

b. Low fill rate by an ad network

c. Ads show blank spaces

d. Your regular users start ignoring your ad position because they got used to seeing ads in those areas.

7) What is the best way to stop ad blindness?

a. Don’t let users visit a section of the website more than 3 times.

b. Change ad positions

c. Label your ads as advertisements

d. None of the above

Answer Key here: 

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