How to Run Reports with the Ad Exchange Query Tool

Once a query is already set up alongside your dimensions and metrics, running your reports will be a piece of cake. Remember the four options as you complete the process? We will provide you pointers as you choose each option through the query tool. Note that these options are only applicable as you create a ‘new query’ under the ‘my queries’ tab. As for System queries, you can only run and preview your report.

Run your report. Your query runs to output a report. This option allows you return to the query and you may still create/edit screen, and your query settings are still preserved. You may go ahead and choose to save the queries.

Save your query and run your report. Your query is saved and appears in the ‘my queries’ list. Any unsaved query will not appear in the ‘my queries’ list.

Save your query. You automatically navigate to the ‘my queries’ screen, where your query is saved.

Preview Report Layout. The preview layout enables you to see a dummy of the report that you created.

Export to CSV. Your reports may be exported via a .csv file for your use. This is more likely applicable to queries with larger data to capture like more than the maximum 1,000,000 viewable table rows in a table.

It is essential that you understand the report that you have created by setting up accurate and complete parameters. MonetizeMore implements advanced strategy and technology in monetizing your ad inventory. If you need help in running reports with the Ad Exchange Query Tool, or if you’re interested in a free consultation, sign-up here.

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