How to Properly Report Problematic Ads in Firefox Browser

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Despite a losing streak versus Chrome, Safari, and IE in the browser usage war, Firefox holds 11.94% of total browser usage share as of April 2014 – based on a study by

shareaholic screenshot
Therefore, as a website publisher, it’s still necessary to make sure your ads serve right on Firefox. In case you encounter a problematic ad, here’s the step-by-step guide in reporting them:

1) Take a screenshot of the ad.

  • You can use the ‘Print Screen’ function on your keyboard or the Snipping Tool for Windows, then open your favorite image editor, for example, ‘Paint’.
  • Save the image in your local folder.
  • You can also directly paste and upload the image on or so it gives you a live link of the screenshot image

 Example of a screenshot image of a faulty ad:

ad screenshot

2) Next, copy the FULL code of the ad.

  • Using your mouse/cursor, right-click on the ad and select ‘Inspect Element with Firebug’
  • To locate the ad code, hover on the ad and the Firebug tool will show a highlighted section where the code is found, see the example:

ad code

  • You may click on the small boxes to expand the full ad code. See example below:

html codes screenshot

3) Note down the device and browser used.

  • In this case, the device used is: Desktop
  • And the browser is: Mozilla Firefox
  • To find out the Firefox version, follow these directions:

Firefox version

4) Specify the page the ad was spotted on.

 5) Note down the ‘Destination URL’ the ad would be directed to.

  • To do this, right-click on the ad and choose: ‘Copy Link Location’

 For example:

copy link location

  • Paste the link address on a new browser window to reveal the destination URL

browser URL

  • In this case, the destination URL is:
  • And the ad came from Google Adsense or GoogleAdExchange

 See the sample ad code below:

After gathering all the needed details mentioned, you are now ready to report a problematic ad.

6) Just email your notes to us at: or if you’re reporting a problematic ad for a site you do not own, email the details to the website’s contact email.

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  1. Cathy

    Why am I seeing ads at all – I thought my VIP membership was supposed to prevent this. I am logged in and my account is up to date.

    • Kean Graham

      Hi Cathy,

      Could you clarify the error you’re seeing?

  2. Cor

    It doesn’t work. I have Firefox and installed Firebug and FlashFirebug, but all I get when I right-click on the ads is “Settings, Global Settings, About Adobe Flash Player”.

    I wanted to report the annoying and loud ads from the scam site Aldaniti. (Claiming I’m the visitor number 1.000.00 or 100.000 and that I have a change to “win a gift card”). But it seems I can’t. 🙁

    • Kean Graham

      Hi Cor,

      Sorry to hear about that, could you send us the following instead:

      1) Screenshot of the ad – including its location on the page
      2) Specify the url/page the ad was spotted on.
      3) Note down the ‘Destination URL’ the ad would be directed to.
      4) Email the details to:

  3. Falk Zeußel

    Simply remove ALL Flash and animated Gif Ads. …autoplay … with sound… spam. And we are fine. Then i deactivate my adblocker! Glear?! I pay my ISP per DataVolume. so i decide what comes in or not!


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