Programmatic demand now available for AMP Web Stories

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November 10, 2020 | by Kean Graham
Programmatic demand now available for AMP Web Stories

Google announced that they would start making programmatic demand available for AMP Web Stories during November 2020. This will help publishers increase their ad revenue through AMP Web Stories. Currently, only Google Display Ads demand is available to serve ads for Web Stories, with the promise of more demand partners added soon.

The feature is currently in the Beta version, which means that not all publishers will access it through Google Ad Manager.

Haven’t seen Web Stories before? Web Stories are full-screen mobile ads that generally get shown through AMP pages or an app. Web Stories allow for a widely flexible and interactive creative, including images, videos, animations, sound, and more.

It includes all the known benefits of the AMP platform, such as super-fast loading times, tracking and measurement capabilities, and the ability to be sharable and linkable on the open web.

Here’s an example below:

Programmatic demand now available for AMP Web Stories MonitizeMore


If you are new to Web Stories and want to see how to create corresponding ad units, look at this Google help article:

Do you like the idea of testing AMP ads, or you’ve considered switching to AMP with hopes that the improved speed will result in higher ad revenue? It might not always be that simple. We discuss whether switching to AMP will result in a revenue hit or increase here:


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