How to Place Ads without Compromising Website Speed

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Last updated: September 1, 2021 | by Kean Graham
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This post was most recently updated on September 1st, 2021

Here is a common gripe of every new website publisher. You need to both earn from ad revenues and improve your site user’s experience. These days, if your site loads for two to three seconds, it is already considered slow. Even a single second’s delay in page loading time costs as much as 7% of loss in site visitors according to Entrepreneur.

In addition to that, page speed is a ranking factor within Google’s search engine algorithm. Sites with quick page load times are preferred and might even receive an increase in rankings because of this.

Keep your ad revenue in tip-top shape by using these tips and tools for placing ads without compromising website speed.

Create a database index

A little hand-holding with your web developer can go a long way. A database index makes sure that retrieving files from your existing database is much more comfortable. It’s like a map containing all your website’s files. The index provides an easy pointer or address for retrieving the assets of your website, and in return, it takes less time to communicate with the server.

Take advantage of symmetry and balance the visual elements

Tools like Check My Colors allows you to check if your ad placements’ colors and the text work seamlessly together. A little stretching of design chops can make a big difference in your site’s user experience. To know what works best, test different ad format combinations on a web page and check how it affects your website’s speed.

Measure your site’s speed regularly

Use a free tool like GTMetrix and Google’s PageSpeed Insights to determine how you can improve your website’s overall speed on desktop and mobile. When you make new changes on your ad placements, make sure that you measure the site speed immediately after.

Optimize your ad and content images

Tools like Kraken allow you to decrease the size of pictures. Image files can make your page loading time suffer if they are not optimized.

Minimize your javascript code

Your javascript code is of particular importance when serving ad codes from your ad network partners. If at all possible, keep your javascript code attachments to a minimum. Get the maximum exposure of ad inventory with the least code insertion requirements.

Avoid iFrames whenever possible

Some ads require iFrames. It takes a huge chunk out of your website speed. Make sure that you avoid this whenever possible.

Cache it out

Caching a website allows for faster loading time for users who are returning visitors. For Wordpress, you can use plugins such as Quick Cache, WP Super Cache or WP Fastest Cache.

Utilize the “Ad Balance” feature of Google Adsense

In your Google Adsense settings, there is an ad balance feature. It is a slider that tells you how much you can get away with in minimizing the ads served on your site without affecting your overall ad revenue.

Use Google Analytics’ Site Speed evaluation for individual web pages

Within Google Analytics’ Behavior section is a division dedicated to monitoring site speed. Take advantage of this free tool and check which web pages are slowing down your website. Adjust your ad placements on these slow web pages whenever possible.

Consider restricting rich media ads for slow internet users

Depending on the average internet speed of your site visitor, you may want to do away with rich media ads on individual pages for better user experience.

There is no need to go through this kind of issue alone. Ad optimization experts and the consolidated programmatic ad serving can fix the common page speed issues known to most websites.

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