Mobile Ad Policy Gets a Revamp: 300×250 Units Allowed ATF

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Last updated: July 10, 2019 | by Kean Graham
Mobile Ad Policy Gets a Revamp: 300x250 Units Allowed ATF

This post was most recently updated on July 10th, 2019

If mobile ad clicks make up a big chunk of your ad revenue, you’ll be pleased with the recent policy change from Google AdSense. On May 2nd, AdSense announced that they would be removing some previous limitations placed on mobile publishers by allowing them to display 300×250 ad units above the fold.

Mobile publishers have long been frustrated regarding the policy, and it seems that Google has finally taken their requests into account. Google states that after rigorous testing, they’ve concluded that 300×250 ad units ATF (on mobile devices) do not lead to bad user experience or result in any other issues.

Although this change could mean increased revenues for mobile publishers, we recommend that before implementing these new policy changes you make sure your website is mobile friendly and provides an experience that is pleasing to users.

For the improved mobile user experience and ad revenue see our post regarding 5 Winning Mobile Monetization Strategies for Publishers in 2017.

Best practices regarding the new policy change

Google warns that mobile publishers should be cautious with 300×250 ad units ATF and focus on preventing any accidental ad clicks. The team from Google AdSense recommend that these 300×250 ad units aren’t the first thing users see when browsing your website on mobile. Placing these ads above your content headline could dramatically increase the probability for accidental clicks, which can result in a whole array of problems for publishers such as account bans. It also creates a negative user experience by pushing the organic content below the fold

For best user experience, viewability and accidental click prevention, Google recommends that only 50% of the ad be viewable above the fold. Although a variation exists where the layout is as follows: Headline, 300×250 ad unit followed by content, publishers need to tread lightly.

The image below illustrates three scenarios and best practices for placing the 300×250 ad unit above the fold.  

Mobile Ad Policy Gets a Revamp: 300x250 Units Allowed ATF MonitizeMore

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