Maximizing Ad Revenue with AdMob Bidding in 2024

Last updated: January 15, 2024 | by Aleesha Jacob
Maximizing Ad Revenue with AdMob Bidding

This post was most recently updated on January 15th, 2024

AdMob bidding is a form of real-time bidding for mobile app advertisements. It allows app developers and publishers to sell ad space in their apps to the highest bidder in real-time auctions. This process ensures that publishers can maximize their ad revenue by selling their inventory at the most competitive prices, and it gives advertisers access to ad spaces that are more targeted and efficient for their campaigns. AdMob bidding integrates with a variety of demand sources, facilitating a dynamic and lucrative advertising ecosystem for mobile apps.

Today, AdMob bidding is at this point where we are seeing now this combination of speed, simplicity, and scale. More and more publishers have been adopting it and gaining significant returns in the process.

In this blog post, we discuss how AdMob Bidding can maximize your ad revenue with better speed, scale, and simplicity.

Let’s start with speed.

Your app’s current monetization setup may look like this:

Maximizing Ad Revenue with AdMob Bidding in 2024 MonitizeMore

Mediation technology was developed as a solution to manage multiple ad sources. Traditional mediation uses historical data to prioritize networks and call them one at a time.

While many publishers have adopted mediation over the years, here are some of the top pain points with current mediation solutions:

  1. You need to integrate and manage multiple SDK’s which can be time-consuming
  2. You have to manage the ad network workforce manually and make constant updates to optimize performance.
  3. And you are managing bidding and reporting for each of these ad networks separately, creating a lot of operational overheads.

This is the reason why the traditional waterfall model is outdated to help you maximize the value of every impression with Google’s in-app bidding solution, AdMob bidding.

Maximizing Ad Revenue with AdMob Bidding in 2024 MonitizeMore

Move beyond the conventional waterfall model with the latest tech from AdMob

Publishers are also able to set up the AdMob bidding auction alongside the mediation waterfall model. AdMob bidding calls all participating networks simultaneously, enabling them to compete equally in a single, unified auction.

For any given impression, the winner is always the highest-paying advertiser since all networks get equal priority (including Google). The benefits go beyond higher ECPMs. You’ll be able to integrate and manage fewer SDKs.

You’ll only need to do the setup once and the platform will do the heavy lifting to free up time and resources to focus on building great apps. You’ll also be able to manage reporting in a single interface and have centralized payment.

For instance: After switching from waterfall mediation to AdMob bidding, Spearmint Games boost ARPDAU by 51%.

Maximizing Ad Revenue with AdMob Bidding in 2024 MonitizeMore


Once you have picked your format and ad units in place you must be thinking about how can you ensure that you are consistently getting the highest value for each impression?

With AdMob bidding, top networks globally bid in real-time for your ad unit. The most popular ad sources compete with the AdMob network in real-time.

AdMob bidding lets all participating ad networks bid on each impression in real-time. The 20 ad-buying partners to all AdMob bidding publishers are as follows:

AdMob bidding is also the place where the most popular third-party demand sources can compete with the AdMob network in real-time to maximize the value of each impression from your ads.

Scale is at the heart of the increased performance rates that publishers have seen. For instance: Mobirix in Korea saw a 13-30% revenue increase across all apps after integrating more demand sources with AdMob bidding.

Maximizing Ad Revenue with AdMob Bidding in 2024 MonitizeMore

In a nutshell, you get higher revenue by linking more ad networks. Through AdMob bidding, we can earn higher revenue for each ad since the biggest ad networks like the Audience Network by Facebook, Magnite, etc compete in real-time per exposure.

How AdMob bidding can help apps earn more through simplicity?

AdMob bidding not only drives higher revenue but will also decrease the time you need to spend managing your monetization solutions.

You get access to buyers that don’t require you to implement their SDK to add them to AdMob bidding.

Enjoy Centralized bidding by cutting down on the number of SDKs you need to manage.

You can access demand from participating ad partners without adding new SDKs to your app. All you need is the Google Mobile Ads (GMA) SDK.

AdMob bidding simplifies payment as well. You receive consolidated payouts from multiple partners and you will also be able to see the performance of all networks in one centralized dashboard instead of having to search for data across multiple dashboards.

With Click to Accept, the main aim is to reduce the workload for publishers to configure bidding with the various demand sources available.

Setup and Test Mode

Maximizing Ad Revenue with AdMob Bidding in 2024 MonitizeMore

Now, for all participating demand sources, you can easily review and sign a digital contract without needing to contact the ad sources.

Additionally, you’ll also improve the user experience of mediation in two ways:

  • Mediation test suite for easy onboarding; it streamlines your setup and testing so you can catch issues early and launch ad experiences that work for your users.
  • Mediation A/B testing: Try testing and refining your ads monetization setups directly from your mobile accounts.

For example, you could test if AdMob bidding will actually help you earn more compared to waterfall mediation.


We’ve already seen the benefits of AdMob bidding for apps and now you know how to maximize ad revenue with AdMob bidding.

Also, if you want higher revenue per ad impression with less work on your end, then linking multiple networks together through the power of AdMob bids may be what you need!

You could test if AdMob bidding will actually help you earn more compared to waterfall mediation and find out quickly whether or not this product is right for you.

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