How to Target Ads on a Specific URL in 2024? [Best Practices Included]

Last updated: January 16, 2024 | by Aleesha Jacob

This post was most recently updated on January 16th, 2024

One of the many ways you can maximize the revenue of your site is by targeting an ad on a specific URL with substantial traffic.

To target ads on specific URLs for enhanced site revenue, you can use key-value targeting in Google Ad Manager and Ad Inserter in WordPress. In Google Ad Manager, create key-value pairs and include them in Google Publisher Tags, with options for both ad slot-level and page-level targeting. Line items are then configured to target these key values. In WordPress, using the Ad Inserter plugin allows targeting ads to specific URLs by placing the ad code in a block and whitelisting URLs.

Serving the right and profitable ad to the right audience can result in better and higher earning potential. There are several ways we can target ads on specific URLs, depending on what publishers use to implement or show ads on the site. We’ve explained more about this in detail below on how to target the right audience and optimize ad placement for better revenue outcomes.

Key-Value Targeting in Google Ad Manager

Key-value targeting is a feature offered by Google Ads Manager that allows you to display tags in pages where you would want it to appear. Below are the steps on how to set up key values and target specific pages in GAM:

  • Create a key-value pair
  • In Google Ad Manager click on Inventory > Key-values > New Key-value.
  • Enter a Name for the key and a Display name
  • Select a Value type

Dynamic: Users will enter targeting values when creating line items or checking inventory.

Predefined: Keys and their values are static and don’t change based on the information of a particular user.

  • On Report on values, select how the key-value appears in reports
  • Go to the Targeting values > New values
  • Enter one or multiple values
  • Click Save.


  • Include key-values in Google Publisher Tags (GPT)

There are two methods in key-value targeting :

Ad Slot level targeting – Allows you to set key values for individual ad slots on your page. After passing the key values, the line items targeted to the KVP below will be eligible to serve on the ad slot.


Page-level targeting – Allows you to set key values across all ad slots on your page.


Below is an example of a script with ad slot-level and page-level targeting:


  • Target key-values in line items

Follow the below steps to get started with targeting the specific pages or ad slots of a page in Google Ad Manager

  • From the left-hand side menu click on Delivery > Order
  • Select the Line item that you want to target.
  • Scroll down to the Add Targeting section and go to Custom Targeting
  • Select the Key from the dropdown and enter the values

And/Or feature allows you to create different sets of key-values while “is not” prohibits the ads from appearing on a specific area of a web page

  • Save the setting once done


Ad Inserter in WordPress

One of the easiest ways to target ads on specific URLs is doing it in WP using the ad inserter plugin.

  • Place the ad code on a  block.


  • Click on LISTS


  • Go ahead grab the URL and paste it  here in this section



Don’t forget to remove the root domain and add a star at the end of the URL


  • Target or Whitelist the ad by ticking the checkbox next to the URL box.


  • After that, click SAVE SETTINGS

Both processes we have presented above aim to help publishers achieve their goal – target the right audience and pick the best placement for the ads to display for a better yield and optimal revenue.

For more information on key values and targeting you may check these blog articles below:

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