How to Recreate DFP’s Old Forecasting Features

You may have noticed that DFP’s old forecasting features have disappeared. These features enabled you to predict how much ad revenue your Google AdSense ads (and ads from other networks) will bring in over the next week or month. While this was a useful feature for many, it’s no longer accessible from your DFP dashboard.

However, there’s a way — albeit a hacky way — to get this forecasting features back. It won’t be nearly as seamless as it once was, but it’s a start.

To forecast your ad revenue for the next month, take the following steps:

  1. Download the past seven days of your ad revenue in DFP.
  2. Divide that figure by seven to get the one-day average for the past week.
  3. Multiply that figure by the time period you want to forecast. For example, if you want to forecast the revenue for the next month, multiply the one-day average by 30.
  4. Play with these numbers in new and interesting ways to find new insights. For example, you can see how much revenue one particular ad unit will bring in over the next month.

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Kean Graham

CEO and Founder at MonetizeMore

Kean has been a pioneer in the AdTech world since 2010 who believes in the supremacy of direct publisher deals, programmatic advertising, and building ad technology as keys to scaling ad revenue. Here, he provides publisher resources and guides covering areas like website monetization, AdSense optimization, Google Ad Manager, Ad Exchanges, and much more.

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